All dolled up: A peek into the surreal world of reborn baby lovers

Yesterday, my family and I went to a doll and teddy bear fair at Kelham Hall (near Newark). We went to see my relatives who had a couple of tables at the fair selling both dolls and teddy bears (my uncle Frank Webster is a renowned bear maker here in the UK). The reason I mention this is because I witnessed something I have never seen before – the sight of grown adults pushing around prams with one or more ‘reborn’ baby dolls. Although my late mother was a doll collector, I had never seen ‘reborn’ baby dolls before. In fact, there was one whole dedicated room at Kelham Hall just for reborn bay dolls. One of the stalls (Fairytales Reborn Nursery) featured baby dolls that looked so real that I even picked up their business cards and postcards featuring their products. However, it was the sight of middle to older age women (and one older aged couple) pushing around and playing with ‘reborn’ baby dolls that really caught my eye. I asked my aunt (who was there helping my uncle sell his bears) if this was unusual and they told me that ‘reborn mothers’ were a common site at such events.

I am well aware of men who have a sexually paraphilic interest in lifelike adult dolls (that I examined in a previous blog on doll fetishism), but I had never come across a non-sexual interest in lifelike baby dolls among (what appeared to be mainly) women. In fact, my only real “experience” of women treating babies as if they were real was Dawn French’s portrayal of the midwife Joy Aston in the weird but wonderful BBC comedy thriller series Psychoville. In the television series, Aston had a son who died of a cot death. As a way of coping, Aston treats a baby doll (‘Freddy’) as if it is her own child son, forcing her on-screen husband George (played by Steve Pemberton) to help her look after their ‘son’. My partner (jokingly I think) said that the topic of ‘reborn’ baby doll parents would make a good blog, so as soon as I got back home from the doll fair, I was straight onto the internet looking at what was out there on the phenomenon.

The first thing I came across after finding dedicated magazines to lifelike dolls (such as Lifelike Doll Magazine), highlights how realistic the reborn baby dolls look. In Australia, a story in The Courier-Mail reported ‘Frantic rescue effort saves doll, not baby’. The story recalled how Australian police had smashed in a car window in the region of Gympie (Queensland) to rescue what was thought to be an unconscious baby locked inside the car but turned out to be a lifelike doll. A similar incident occurred in the US. The Australian news report said that:

“Selling for up to $1000, the painstakingly hand-painted dolls were so lifelike with eyelashes, fingernails, milk spots and wispy hair that they were constantly fooling people…They’re even weighted to feel like a baby’s weight and they flop like a baby. The dolls can even come with umbilical cords, cord clamps and their own birth certificates. They are so realistic, people do become attached to them”.

The Wikipedia entry on reborn dolls notes that:

“A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl doll that has been transformed to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. Reborn dolls are also known as living dolls or unliving dolls. The hobby of creating reborn baby dolls began around 1990 when doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic dolls. Since then, an industry surrounding reborn dolls has emerged. Reborn dolls are primarily purchased on the internet but are available at fairs”

Another 2008 story entitled ‘Bogus baby boom: Women who collect lifelike dolls’ was reported by NBC News. The article featured an interview with Lynn Katsaris, an artist who had created well over 1,000 reborn dolls and then sold them to women around the world. Since being created in the US the article claimed that the reborn baby dolls were being sold on eBay for between $500 to $4,000. The article reported:

Some people find the lifelike dolls downright creepy. But collectors, some of whom treat the dolls as real children, feel there’s nothing unusual about their passionate hobby…The vinyl dolls don’t just look exactly like real babies – they also feel real. Their bodies are stuffed and weighted to have the same heft and a similar feel to a live baby. Mohair is normally used for the hair and is rooted in the head strand by strand, a process that can take 30 hours. A magnet may be placed inside the mouth to hold a magnetic pacifier. To add realism, some purchasers opt for a heartbeat and a device that makes the chest rise and fall to simulate breathing…Some customers order special dolls that are exact replicas of their own children who died at birth or in infancy. These are individually made from hand-sculpted clay forms made from photographs of the child. The customers are almost all women. Some buy them because they collect dolls. Others buy them as surrogates for children that were lost or have grown and left the home. Some women dress the dolls, wash their hair, take them for walks in strollers and take them shopping”

A lot of the coverage of the reborn baby doll phenomenon relates to the television documentary My Fake Baby (that was first aired in the UK on Channel 4 back in January 2008, and directed by Victoria Silver). The programme examined what made grown women spend so much money on the lifelike dolls that although bizarre to some, brings great rewards to the women involved”.
The programme showed that some of the reborn dolls have tiny veins, beating hearts, and milk spots. The documentary showed case studies of women who loved the reborn dolls as if they were real babies (e.g., cuddling them, taking them for walks, changing their nappies, etc.). Women in the programme who bought the dolls included women with grown-up children, grandmothers living away from their grandchildren, and women who have left it too late to have their own babies. For instance, one of the women featured (Sue) is a self-confessed perfectionist who says she would love to have the perfect baby but knows that the real thing can be “messy, noisy and unpredictable”. Sue is seen buying designer clothes from Harrods especially for her reborn baby doll. Another woman (Christine) has a reborn baby created in the likeness of her grandson Harry. Harry lived thousands of miles away, but Christine longed for the days when she cared for Harry a newborn. Reaction to the programme (positive and negative) can be found from doll collectors (such as those on Our Doll Community website) and new mothers (such as those on the Baby and Bump Momstastic website). Other case studies of ‘reborners’ were featured on the US show Dr. Phil. There are even reports of reborn baby dolls being made to order into vampires and zombies (check out the story by Today if you are interested).

Academically, there doesn’t appear to be much written or researched on the phenomenon. A.F. Robertson wrote a whole book on dolls (Life Like Dolls: The Collector Doll Phenomenon and the Lives of the Women Who Love Them), but concentrates on porcelain dolls rather than reborn baby dolls. Michele White wrote an interesting chapter entitled ‘Babies who touch you: Reborn dolls, artists, and the emotive display of bodies on eBay’ in the 2010 book Political Emotions. The chapter describes the phenomenon via an analysis of over 300 listings of reborns being sold on the online auction site eBay. She notes that:

“Individuals use the terms ‘reborn’ and ‘reborning’ to describe the processes of making dolls alive, or life-like. This is related to the tendency among doll collectors, as Alexander Foster Robertson suggests of treating the object ‘as a real little person’. The people involved in reborning describe themselves as artists and mothers, indicate that their dolls are ‘adoptions’ and do complicated work in remaking the meaning and values of these objects”.

In her conclusions, White also makes the observation that:

“Women produce an intense and supportive reborn culture but their practices are often denigrated in blogs and Internet forums. Women are labeled as ‘sick’ and ‘morons’, and equated to pedophiles…Victoria Silver’s My Fake Baby (2008) documentary, which made the processes of reborning better known, often informs people’s negative reactions, for the director also unsympathetically depicts participants choosing the cleanliness of reborn babies over the messiness of corporeal babies, presenting their reborn dolls as children, and replacing an absent grandchild with a reborn replica. Reborn dolls trouble understandings of the human because they are often misrecognized as babies when left in cars and other places, women describe them as babies, the boundary distinctions between mother and child are not maintained, and women purportedly deviate from human behavior in mothering them”.

I’m sure the blog I have written here feeds into the negative stereotypes that White talks about in her book chapter. (However, in my defence, there are other blogs that are far more negative than mine such as those on the Stroller Derby website). Amanda Edwards in a recent January 2013 article for Voxxi went as far as to assert:

“A rising number of women around the world are succumbing to the strange addiction of collecting and caring for dolls that look eerily like newborn babies…In the field of mental health, to summarize plainly, a hobby brings joy while an obsession brings destruction…Collecting dolls is absolutely an acceptable hobby, one that dates back hundreds of years and provides work and fulfillment for many people. The fascination with the reborn doll movement is that it’s not simply about collecting and creating these dolls as a hobby, it’s about providing care for them, nurturing them, and sometimes, choosing them over family…Recently, Voxxi reported about Alice Winston, a woman that collects these dolls and has lost her husband in part due to her emotional connection to her “babies.” Despite having five children of her own, she stated that, ‘No relationship will ever come between me and my babies, and I wouldn’t give them up for my children’. Clearly, a woman who chooses her doll collection over her relationships with her husband and children has an obsession”.

Based on what I have read, none of the most extreme cases appear to be what I would define as an addiction, but that doesn’t mean that no-one has ever developed a problem. At the very least, I can now visit doll fairs and call it research!

Dr Mark Griffiths, Professor of Gambling Studies, International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

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Professor MARK GRIFFITHS, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, PGDipHE, FBPsS, FRSA, AcSS. Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at the Nottingham Trent University, and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit. He is internationally known for his work into gambling and gaming addictions and has won many awards including the American 1994 John Rosecrance Research Prize for “outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of gambling research”, the 1998 European CELEJ Prize for best paper on gambling, the 2003 Canadian International Excellence Award for “outstanding contributions to the prevention of problem gambling and the practice of responsible gambling” and a North American 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award For Contributions To The Field Of Youth Gambling “in recognition of his dedication, leadership, and pioneering contributions to the field of youth gambling”. In 2013, he was given the Lifetime Research Award from the US National Council on Problem Gambling. He has published over 800 research papers, five books, over 150 book chapters, and over 1500 other articles. He has served on numerous national and international committees (e.g. BPS Council, BPS Social Psychology Section, Society for the Study of Gambling, Gamblers Anonymous General Services Board, National Council on Gambling etc.) and is a former National Chair of Gamcare. He also does a lot of freelance journalism and has appeared on over 3500 radio and television programmes since 1988. In 2004 he was awarded the Joseph Lister Prize for Social Sciences by the British Association for the Advancement of Science for being one of the UK’s “outstanding scientific communicators”. His awards also include the 2006 Excellence in the Teaching of Psychology Award by the British Psychological Society and the British Psychological Society Fellowship Award for “exceptional contributions to psychology”.

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  1. Charlotte Lacey

    I had a reborn doll obsession/addiction. I owned 30 dolls and still looked online constantly and attended doll shows looking for the doll that would complete my collection. The ultimate dream doll out there somewhere. I had reborns, cloth body silicones, and even expensive full body silicones. One day i woke up and realised that i felt no happier owning so many dolls. I sold all the dolls (at a huge loss) just to escape from the obsessive nature of the reborn doll collecting. I feel free and am living my life again to the full, no more attending to a room full of dolls. Constantly checking and responding to messages from other addicts. And paid some of my debt built up buying dolls. I would reborn dolls too and wasted too many hours days and weeks stuck indoors painstakingly painting kits. The friends have all gone that i made in the doll world as no dolls left to sell them. All fake with their dolly hug messages. Competing with who has the new must have doll or pram. So competitive and destructive. The emotional attachment and bond i developed with my dolls felt real and overwhelming. Other collectors feel upset if they do not bond and develop feelings for the doll. The connection with the doll is part of the doll collecting. At doll shows the collectors walk about with fancy expensive prams, showing off their dolls but feel insulted if anyone dares to touch their baby. The biggest issue i have with reborn doll collectors is women living on benefits especially that have dependents, spending money intended for lifes essentials spent on dolls and the paraphernalia associated. YouTube is full of videos of women living in poorly decorated homes, with young children around them. Bragging about the latest doll they have bought or clothes for it. Their children sit ignored while mum makes a video about her beloved dolls with their new pacifiers and outfits. The hobby is immensely destructive and addictive. I am delighted to have my real life back.

    • Sian Williams

      I must applaud you Charlotte for your honesty and admitting the obsessive addiction of this hobby. I also collected reborn dolls and developed an obsessive desire for owning a full body silicone baby. Reality kicked in when a close friend of mine died suddenly, and i painstakingly reevaluated my life and realised the futility of my need to own a doll made of rubber to bond with. I feel sickened to witness mothers connecting with plastic dolls as there live children wait beside them. I feel that social services need alerting to moms mental instability. A very sad tragic hobby that can be all consuming and destructive. I am sure that some ladies just buy a few dolls and display them, but for the majority of collectors the constant need to buy another doll is overwhelming.

  2. I agree with Dr Mark Griffiths. My adult daughter was extremely addicted causing debt to mount. Forums encourage collectors to show off their new dolls with ahh and oohs to every new one bought and shown of. Appalled to witness ladies turning whole rooms into nurserys for the dolls complete with cots, chairs and toys. Youtube is awash with dolls being bathed,fed and treated like real babies.The ladies defend their behavior stating that its not hurting anyone but its extremely disturbing behavior. Not just collecting and displaying but continual buying another doll, more clothes a never ending money pit of addiction.

    • Observing the hobby

      I agree with everything you have said here @ Sam ~ Bravo for having the guts & courage 2 speak out ~ I have been hovering over this “dolly community” since December & unfortunately, I have yet 2 see any redeeming qualities coming from any of the afore mentioned “YouTubers” ~ In fact, if you dare open your mouth & speak out about injustices, or bad behaviours amongst the community, you will either be shunned, slandered or harassed ~ Aren’t I one of the lucky ones eh?! 😉 I think I have had all of the backlashes & I am a “noobie” 2 the doll collecting world ~ I will never wake up one day & decide that these very public interactions with dollies are a sane & rational thing 2 watch ~ They ARE disturbing behaviours ~ I still find them disturbing & the reason I refuse 2 be a part of this circus ~ There are so many important things in life & especially in today’s world that need our attention ~ Many of these middle aged women need 2 grow up & stop regressing!! We used 2 be children but now we are adults…end of…and there are just some things that are wrong ~ Putting all of ones attentions & finances in2 a doll IS so so wrong…!! Time 2 get a real life…

  3. Rebecca Barker

    I found this accidentally by searching online. After reading the comments i feel i agree that with all hobbies there is “normal” ie the hobby fits around someone s life. And obsession where due to personality disorders or mental health problems the hobby becomes an addiction. My friend attends doll shows and shows me footage she has filmed of grown women proudly pushing prams and affectionately tending to the dolls like real living human babies, but if this makes them happy then who am i to judge. I am more concerned about the addiction and obsessive nature of the buying. My friend has amounted vast credit card debt buying a must have silicone dolls costing over $3000 each when she gets bored with one she sells at loss and tots up more credit card debt buying another that has caught her eye. Plus all the new layette each new doll has to have :-/ She hides the amount she spends from her husband. An extremely expensive, obsessive never ending cycle of her looking at dolls and forums, purchasing more things for the dolls.Our friendship has been severely tested by her obsession. Is she happy by this hobby? NO she still has to find another undiscovered must have doll.

  4. What confuses me is the youtube videos. Why O Why do the reborn doll collectors all lip smack and say uum yeah constantly? Also the constant so cute, adorable sweet. Fake little girl voices pretending the doll is talking. Dolls blowing kisses to watchers.
    I found a channel on utube a psychiatrists dream to analyse sadly a very disturbed lady in UK She has a small child who she randomly includes in footage (very wrong) This lady actually filmed 13 videos consecutively. I feel so sorry for this woman who sounds desperately lonely and tells Joe public episodes of her ex husband and other snippet of TMI.
    My question is why arent these women assessed, She needs real friends not dolls to play with. I believe that reborn collectors cross over from it being a normal hobby into a mentally destructive addiction. Nearly all of the utube videos show disturbed behavior another example is a lady with challenging social skills with a large family of 4 children with special needs, her home is unkept and poorly maintained yet her dolls are attended too and the children ignored as mum must film the new doll and new dolly outfits. Money she has is for the home and children not to buy dollies for mummy to play with, my heart goes out to her children who should come first.
    I understand buying dolls and displaying them but buying prams, taking the dolls on outings buying bottles and formula feed for them. They justify the behavior as just role play but all just a manifestation of deeply rooted unresolved psychological issues. One very well spoken UK doll collector has the must have silicone in twins to brag about has actually taken her dolls on weekend breaks and holidays. Lots of living breathing children never have days out less a holiday. I am familiar with the whole doll industry as i was part of it but felt increasingly uneasy with the behavior of the other women. So completely pulled away from it. Its very destructive mentally too many women involved in the movement are deeply disturbed. Horrible fad that i hope goes out of fashion.

  5. Psychology students perspective.

    Reborn doll collecting can be an innocent enjoyable hobby of like minded, of mentally well adjusted ladies collecting well painted art dolls to display realistically in their home.

    Or for mentally ill or vulnerable ladies it becomes an obsession with an ever growing need for more dolls plus behaviors that can only be described as “odd” and strange. Taking dolls out in prams and filming changing and feeding videos is terribly disturbing and unnatural.
    The reborn community and forums are practically cult like with disturbed individuals supporting and encouraging each others weird behaviors.

    I also intensely dislike witnessing moms with children ignoring their offspring to play with the dolls. Single moms on welfare spend money on dolls intended by the state to be spent on their childrens needs.

    I have witnessed UK mothers behaviors to be the most extreme. One mom said she had dolls as she wanted a perfect baby, her four children had all be born with (minor) health problems. Another stays awake all night filming herself playing with dolls. As a psychology student i view youtube footage as a learning tool and have found the reborn footage to be frighteningly disturbing. Social services intervention has been necessary on several occasions due to the emotional unavailability of the mothers due to their reborn doll collecting addiction.

  6. Very well said Laura Mears 🙂 From a ex collectors/ addicts view point i can also say that i agree that the reborn community is cult like in the encouragement of odd behaviors. I recall the women competing to show off the nurseries and expensive prams. The dolls are ridiculously expensive especially silicone rubber dolls :-0 but the bragging of the collectors everytime they had a new doll arriving was distasteful and arrogant. “I am reborn pregnant” ” look who i,ve adopted” No one was ever satisfied with the dolls they had, all looking to see what others were available to buy. No fun collecting unless you could show off the doll you had bought. But no doubt all bought on credit cards, loans and layaways. I also saw the light sold and gave away my dolls. Very overwhelming emotionally draining destructive hobby that becomes addictive and controls you.

  7. may i suggest peeking at Pobsbabies3UK basically sums up everything mentally destructive about this hobby-Single mum obsessively buying dolls and clothing for them- staying up all night to film playing with dolls-painfully lonely, socially isolated and suffering from extreme depression. Social services alert needed to offer support and counseling for mom and a better living environment for the poor little child Martha. The dolls need to be taken away and mom supported and stopped from buying more. Mom admitted on film that her parents dislike her hobby so she has to hide it from them. The lady is 40 years old which then suggests that her elderly parents must have witnessed the expenditure and felt concern for their grandchild. Worrying very worrying.

    • Actually all these facts are totally wrong. Social services only ever provided an assessment because of the severity of health needs of the mother and there is nothing wrong with the housing. The child in question couldn’t be in a more loving home and has or never will be under any form of neglect. Many dolls have since been sold and there are no financial difficulties that are anyone else’s business even if there were. She is 39 not 40 and not severely depressed as stated just under emmense pressure from idiots like these. Now leave her alone.

      • Charlotte Glancey you have upset a lot of people in the reborn community on ebay and on youtube with your nasty behavior. You are known and discussed on instagram and facebook. The defenders of you have not faced your behavior towards them,
        This is a professional psychology site no place for you to add your opinion.
        This is about reborn doll collectors with obsessional behaviors. Now you have been identified as the writer of the above please respect the writer of this site and refrain from adding further comments.

      • Better living environment is not referring to the housing which is more than adequate. But the emotional aspect of living environment. Mum being obsessed with doll playing, the home over run with plastic dolls, spending the household income and benefits on dolls and dolls clothing. Staying awake all night and not sleeping to film yourself playing with the dolls. Doll collecting per se can be an enjoyable hobby for a mentally balanced person. But for a mentally ill person it becomes an obsession. You put out there that you had financial difficulties and had to sell dolls to pay medical bills (in UK right! nhs) and your divorce. Then you bought three more dolls one costing almost £200 plus lots more new clothing. The state benefits system is money intended for Martha and her upbringing,not to be spent on doll buying. Your response demonstrates your state of mind. By filming yourself constantly your laying yourselves open to comments. Filming Martha is horrendous she should not be filmed at all. Associating her with the madness of your collecting obsession is unfair. Hope that you seek the help you deserve. You created the situation by the constant filming, and attacks on people in the community. Wish you well.

      • True. People need to mined there own business on the whole subject. If adult women want to treat dolls like there real and take them out its there business. Not anybody else’s. People should not feel ashamed to be themselves. Grown men dress up as super hero’s and star trek characters and go to comic con and other events and no one has a problem with that!! The reason the dolls are even a discussion is because its women doing as they please in a mans world…. Not your money, not your life, not your business! So can anyone name the person in history thousands ago who decided to make the decision for all of humanity from that day forth that by a “certain age” you are supposed to grow up? Like its done and sealed… Look people should be allowed to express themselves and grow up at there own pace and everyone should support and love each other. To each there own.. Express, be happy, be yourself, love everybody! Women should support each other not drag them down.. You live once. In the end it didn’t really matter what you did for happiness and what others thought of you endless your hurting others. And last I checked nobody here is God so all shut your mouths and stop judging and talking about any of it… 🙂

  8. I am a collector of these precious babies. I feel that no harm is done to anyone else by my hobby and role play. The money i earn is to spend as i choose and if i should wish to buy expensive silicone babies with my money and designer baby clothes then that is my concern and noone elses business. My precious babies give me joy and i have met some wonderful friends through my hobby. I attend doll shows, take my babies out on outings in their expensive prams it is my prerogative to do so if i choose.
    I consider myself of sound mind and i am completely aware that these are dolls. I still socialise and work, have no dependents and pay my bills. I pay for my babies with disposable income.

    However I DO NOT approve of babies purchased with income intended by the state for real dependent children. Sickens me to witness films of mothers playing with dolls as children are left to amuse themselves. One lady in particular lives in a disgusting home her little boy at 5 years old is always in his pyjamas sucking on a bottle at 5 years old. Mum is way too busy with a home full of dolls. Now mum has encouraged her 2 teenage daughters to collect and buys them dolls too. This particular mum manipulates and grooms other collectors with sob stories to get free gifted dolls to add to her home full of dolls.
    This behavior gives the reborn collecting community a bad name. The actions of some mentally disturbed individuals have caused collectors to be viewed negatively. I must agree Tracy Marie that Pobsbabies is extreme behavior and this lady is in desperate need of help.

    • Then you obviously haven’t watched the videos properly because what is said above simply isn’t true and I think it’s unkind for gossip like that to be spread especially by another so called member of the community who even goes to dolls fairs with an expensive pram, your quote!

      • Seen your name is Charlotte Glancey, i stated that your behavior was extreme the other details i am referring to is another youtube mum Anna Smith.

        Maybe read the thread correctly before jumping in with both feet. Now i can see why you are complained about by everyone.

    • I don’t know who the bloody hell you are but if I find out who is using my identity I will be suing you for slander!

    • I would like to know if this imposter has the courage to stand up for what she’s wrote and tell me who she really is as u feel U can say what u feel about me on here why not be honest with ur name to me

  9. Deborah Fielding

    Charlotte Amy Glancey you are nasty to people and have upset too many people in the reborn community. You sought sympathy on youtube saying a doll seller had threatened you with the police but you threaten harm and death to people if they upset you. Your behavior is erratic and uncontrolled. Your outburst named as Anon is a clear demonstration of your very disturbed behavior. You are very welcome in the reborn community if you can “play nicely”


    • Tanya, I suspect you too have been led to believe “Lydia Ruth” is me, whomever is using my identity will find themselves facing the full consequences of the law. I have no issues with any of he ladies mentioned on here and neither would I feel the need to bash someone else’s lifestyle choice.

      Best wishes

      Lydia, Syby and Lucy x

  11. Christine Benson

    Just let me give you an insight into My Fake Baby Documentary I was the grandmother who had look after Harry for almost four years before my daughter went to New Zealand.
    The film was not true to life lots of the content was edited out to make me look like a sad old granny. At that time I was a childminder so pushing a big pram around nobody took any notice because most new me as a childminder I also had nine other grandchildren and since then we now have altogether thirteen grand children.

    My reasons for having a doll made in the likeness of Harry were as follows.
    After having five children myself once they had grown up I could look at a photograph to remember what they looked like, but had no idea how small they were or what they felt like in my arms.

    Having Harry from a tiny baby I had that lovely feeling of love and joy again. But once they had gone to New Zealand I must admit at times it was very quite and the house felt empty in the evenings no Harry to cuddle and put to bed. Yes I could go round to see my other grandchildren but just not the same as having a little one with you.

    I had seen the dolls on ebay and wanted one. Just to be able to look at the doll and remember how tiny and precious he was to us.
    After the documentary I was portrayed as being mentally ill, sad, and some people even verbally abused me in the park.

    But the upside to this story I have made many good friends in the reborning community we have some lovely shows and meetings and for me its a break from caring for an elderly mother and 2 small grandchildren while their mum works.

    Yes in every walk of life you get the ones who take it that little bit further making it an obsession. But please don’t tar everyone with the same brush we are all individual and I know from experience sometimes these write-ups can really hurt people feelings and life is to short I say live and let live.

  12. I know both these ladies that are being rubbished here and I am absolutely so annoyed. They are beautiful caring people and I am so upset for them, how dare people who don’t even know these ladies call them of all these things and accuse them of all those terrible lies. We love our hobby . We do not rubbish other people’s hobbies. Men collect toy cars. Does that make them mentally unstable and unfit parents ? No

  13. Im a reborn artist and collector and I love my hobby however the idiots that are slandering anna r dead wrong I personal know her and none of your negative comments are correct. Her children are some of the most love children oh her house is cleaned children are spoiled so quit with the slander and bullying last time I checked ppl lives arent your bussiness or their finances… this stuff is bs grow up mind your own business stfu…

  14. I do not know what is going on here but someone is using my identity!

  15. Hello,

    My name is Lydia, my second name happens to be Ruth! Someone on the internet is using my identity to try and flatten my reputation.

    I have two silicone baby dolls called Syby and Lucy, I make you tube videos too.

    I have no quarrel with any ladies mentioned by the person who has assumed my identity.

    When I find out who it is I will be contacting the police.

    Dolly hugs to all my fellow enthusiasts xxx

  16. WOW how can someone’s hobby bring so much negativity. What the hell has it got to do with anyone else is people want to own real looking dolls, prams, cribs or anything else. Are these people hurting you ?? is it illegal ? NO. I collect dolls myself and have a crib, I have no desire to walk them or feed them but that’s just me. I like to change their clothes every now and then, then they go back into the cabinet, crib or where ever they came from. They bring my joy to have, Im a very maternal person and adore all things baby. Yes I have children, they are all teenagers now and are all doing very well in life. These dolls are in no way a substitute for anything in my life, I just enjoy having them. Its no different to grown men having toy cars in cabinets or being stood with binoculars starring at trains for hours upon hours. I agree its wrong that people on benefits use that money to buy them as that’s money for living not luxury’s and to me these dolls are a luxury.
    Christine I understood in the programme why you did what you did, I also knew the moment I saw that show that loads would have been edited out. It always happens in shows and interviews about this hobby and Im sure it always will. Many people don’t understand it so therefore it much be wrong and we are all weirdo’s. The way I see it, I don’t smoke I don’t take drugs or drink so where is the harm ????

  17. I had wondered whether to comment on this but have decided to as this is laughable sorry one my name has been put up wrong that is slander my kids come first I’m my house they have my love and support they have everything they need 2 parents that love them whoever has put such rubbish about me then hope u can sleep at night my dolls are a hobby I’m not delusional with them I dress them take pics and they are displayed in my living room as u would have a picture or a ornament my house is not disgusting thank u I have 4 amazing children who I love do much yes my kids have stuff wrong I’m here 24 hrs a day for them I am a full time mother u obviously have nothing better to do than talk about ppl u don’t even know yes I do a couple of vids with my kids I do not deserve to have this put about me I’m a honest caring person this is a alful thing to do to write about me this way I would not dare look at u and judge u and write things thank u

  18. First of all, although I respect that everyone is entitled to an opinion, eveyone is not entitled to be downright rude, aggressive and in most case (not all) very inaccurate. Lydia Ruth (whoever you actually are) as the real Lydia Ruth that a lot of people love and respect, did NOT write the above comment. Whoever has decided to hijack her identity is the one in need of help.
    Anna Smith is also a lady I personally know, and she is a very devoted Mum and until you know the full history of someone’s life, please refrain from making comments that are literally crushing to these ladies.
    I understand that the Reborn Community causes many of its own demons, and there are some very sinister behaviours and comments going on right now.
    However, not everyone is like this, and some people look at these dolls as purely 3D art forms, and do not in fact feed, change and take them out in prams all of the time. The videos are in the most part role play, just like people who choose to dress in period costumes and have pretend fights and live “another life” for a while.
    Are you suggesting that they should be psychologically examined too? There is of course as in any walk of life the exception, and I would be the first one to agree that in some cases the person clearly is in need of help and understanding, not ridicule and spite.
    If you are one of the people who have the time to sit and watch videos that you clearly hate, and write hurtful and unnecessary comments about people that you don’t even know, then could it just be that you are in fact the person that needs the most help of all?

    • Thank you, Lexi Elliot, I agree 100%. I’m a doll collector and a doll to me is not just a doll, its art. A friend of mine gave me reborn toddler, my first such doll ever. I enjoy having her and think that these dolls are simply beautiful! My stepfather was a toytrain collector, he belonged to this club where grown men met once a week and he even had rented out space for his collection. No one has ever knocked this club, its a well accpted hobby of adults in this country. Yet, grown women enjoy their dolls and suddenly the world evaluates their mental health?! And as for spending more money than one can afford, wanting to aquire more-addiction is addiction, its certainly not something only some collectors of reborn dolls do! There are people that are simple shopping addicts; some have 200+shoes and still want another pair, some need to have that “perfect” car they couldn’t really afford to buy but still do… Like with everything else, if its not your thing, don’t do it. And don’t worry about those that do!

  19. Also I think my name should be removed also the comments from Sarah fowler on here as its aimed at my disabled kids and they ate minors unable to speak out and the one from Lydia Ruth as yet again this is slander at me when they do not know me my family and to judge and pick on watching a video of mine is just rude

    • I would like to offer my greatest sympathy for the hurt the person pretending to be me has caused you.
      Seeing someone take my name, even my middle name too, and make slanderous comments at others while damning my reputation is disgusting and illegal.

      Rest assured, if I find out who it is, I will not hesitate to contact the police!

      • Thank u I wanted to find out the whole story before I reacted as I believe in being fair to ppl after seeing ur channel I thought there no way u say these things it didn’t seem right I just hope I can move on as this has kinda destroyed me and I don’t know how to get passed it I just hope ppl might think before they put these comments to have correct fact and not just go off on ppl hope u be ok too x

  20. Susan Ripley

    Well said Christine Benson, there are mentally ill people in all walks of life, some of these have model trains, some collect cars, some vases, some men buy realistic full size detailed dolls instead of a real woman, the list goes on, why are we who create these dolls which is a work of art and like many other subjects are being under attack yet again! yes we too have discussion forums and admire each others dolls, give advice on new techniques much like any other forum related to ones hobby. As long as we arn’t hurting anybody does it really matter. I can think of more serious reasons to attack one verbally in the park than creating and buying a doll that resembles a real baby.
    Doll manufacturers are always coming up with a new type of doll aimed at the younger ones, dolls have always been part of a young girls life for century’s, we have just made them more realistic and the wow factor that’s all. Yes indeed live and let live. We shouldn’t be tarred with same brush by any means.

  21. I agree with Anna I would like the comments about me removed aswell. This whole thing has really upset me and to even mention my daughter and financial situation on the internet is terrible. I won’t get over this easily. Thankyou Lydia for saying it wasn’t you.

  22. Susan Ripley

    The comments should definitely be removed, this is terrible taking on some ones identity and then saying unkind and untrue things.

  23. Anybody who is genuinely interested in the psychological aspect of this hobby, please be assured that reborn collectors are, for the most part, sane.
    We are a close but not closed community, and I know all of the women targeted in these comments. This doctor was not attacking any of us personally, or even as a group.
    What he has done is provided a forum for some nasty swine to take cheap shots at individuals who would seem soft targets.
    Knowing the community and its’s trolls, I suspect that the culprit here is a UK ex member of the community, known to some of the longer serving members, with an ax to grind, probably as she has been alienated by her own extreme behaviour.
    I further suspect that she has no children of her own, which is why she has chosen to target mothers of small children. Therefore, she would make a more appropriate case study for would be psychologists.
    I also have adult children and reborns, make videos and still have a very full life, however, feel free to direct your negativity at me and leave the others alone.
    The nature of any collecting hobby is the desire to ‘collect’, our collections are each unique due to the nature of the artwork involved and maybe this will explain why we all enjoy looking at each other’s new babies.
    If anybody has any questions about the hobby or anything further to add, feel free to contact me here.

  24. so I have read all of the comments left by people on reborn dolls, and I have question…
    I have 1 reborn doll and I am a mother of two boys I gave birth to 7 years old and 2 years old, I don’t really play with my doll and she sits in a display cabinet most of the time, I change her cloths every 2 months. So does having a reborn doll make me a BAD parent and an addicted MENTAL CASS?
    Some of you have valid points and I think owning more than one or two doll is a bit too much, but its not my place to judge the next person.
    I think people need to realize that if a full grown woman wants to collect doll that’s her problem not yours, if a man wants to collect coins, cars and so on. It still has nothing to do with you. Unless they use your money to buy it, then by all means voice your comments.
    But then that’s my view…

    • Hi Juanita I agree with all your comments, as you say if a man wants to collect coins, cars and so on he isn’t frowned apon. My father was a model train enthusiast so had more than one train, a complete layout with rails on a board with miniature people, station, trees and so on which gave him a lot of pleasure, no one thought he was weird in any way at all. I do think though with a woman that has no children, maybe she couldn’t have any or kept miscarrying, well often they get comfort in having several reborn dolls and they shouldn’t be looked apon as weird either. As you say unless they are using your money to buy them it has nothing to do with others really. I both reborn dolls and have a couple for myself.

  25. I have read all the comments with great interest and totally agree that its a individual choice to buy reborn dolls and accessories clothes etc for them. The money i earn i can spend exactly as i want. But the exception is the single mums living on social support with a dependent child who spend benefit money intended for essentials on dolls paraphernalia.

    I looked on youtube and witnessed (not identifying by name) a uk single mum who spent $700 on a silicone doll on ebay plus $45 shipping plus customs. And at christmas time when most single mums spend their money on their child this lady is buying lots of dollys of various sizes and spends a disproportionate amount of money on her “treats” and dolls.This must be the only single parent who buys for herself at christmas time. I am sure the little girl had adequate presents but i disprove of benefit social support money spent on luxuries like dolls. The tax payers money is only for lives essentials. The lady justified the buying of the $700 silicone by saying no one would would buy her one so she bought it herself.

    • Most social security benefits don’t by any means cover the expense of elaborate spending on reborn dolls let alone accessories. usually tax payers money would only cover the bare necessities so something or someone may well be going without hear, maybe the lady in question doesn’t smoke, drink or gamble and buys dolls instead? But you mention she spent $700 on a silicone one. Why anyone on benefits would publicly announce all this is beyond belief. where you read this and is it all exaggerated I wonder.

  26. The uk single mum always showing of her new expensive and latest dolls is pobsbabies3uk single mum as mentioned in the previous comments. She does vlogs stating that her mortgage payment is being reduced so her and the child will may be lose the home then goes and buys more expensive dolls and crap. She has spent £1000 plus on dolls over the last month-two silicones at over £400 each and several other dolls. how can a single mum waste so much money on toys for herself when she has a child that needs should come first. This person buys constant new dolls so she can go on youtube to brag she has them and to share the latest drama in her life with her ex and her health. She even took a dolly in hospital with her and filmed herself never mind the risk of germs. I would not want to buy a doll that had been in a hospital ward with infection risks. people like her are not the norm in the reborn world and she gives collectors a bad name.

  27. Oh please not again yet more drama about this awful attention seeking woman. The more people talk about her the more she plays up to it. Ohh I cant do any more videos goodbye friends. Hi guys I am back making more videos again with my latest dollys. I am going in to hospital guys. Can we all move on and not talk anymore about her and her woe is me attention seeking behaviour. Her behavor is not how most of the reborn community behaves we talk about our dolls, role play not keep having to buy more and more dolls to show of with.

  28. barbara wheatley

    Hi my daughter has been asking for a reborn doll. My initial reaction was that at 15 years old she was too old to want a doll but she assured me that adult ladies buy and collect these dolls. After searching online I found this article and comments, consequently I looked at the aforementioned youtuber who collects dolls. Is this behaviour typical of the collectors as I assumed that the dolls would be kept on display not the concerning behaviour I witnessed. The lady was having a pyjama party at 3.30am in the morning with the dolls, she had given the dolls names and personalities. I must confess I am confused and concerned any advice would be appreciated.

    • Hello there Barbara, I am happy to respond to your questions and curiosity regarding the reborn doll community. I am a reborn doll artist I paint the kits and sell them on facebook and ebay. I also own several dolls myself purchased from other artists.

      The dolls are firstly considered collectors pieces. The collectors have various reasons why they purchase them. There are many videos to watch on you tube with many extremes of role play with the dolls. Some individuals do over interact with their dolls, when social circumstances exclude “real” friendships these ladies benefit from the friendship and support of the doll community.
      As with all things in life some people do have other issues going on in their world and maybe should not be filming extreme behaviours with the hobby. I personally feel very uncomfortable watching you tube role play as I am concerned how this reflects on the hobby and outsiders opinions of us.

      Most of us are very normal woman who just love babies and the clothes etc that we can buy for them. This is probably what your daughter is wanting a reborn doll for and it can be a wonderful hobby. I have met many wonderful friends thought his shared interest.
      I hope this helps put things in to perspective and that you can look at the hobby with an open mind.

    • There is nothing wrong with your daughter wanting a doll. Honestly, 15 she is still very young and society has forced young girls to grow up way to fast. Its great she wants a doll. If she wants to play with it or be a child there is nothing wrong with that. She’s 15 not 40. Its better baby dolls right now then growing up to fast and doing things with boys. Society needs to get a grip on that it is healthy for people to grow up as they are ready and stop forcing young people into stuff they aren’t ready for. 🙂

  29. l am a reborn and sculpting artist,l just don’t understand why people think that people who collect reborn dolls,must have some kind of psychological problems.Doll collecting is a hobby the same as many other hobbies people have.If people really think that rebon artist and collectors are strange have a look at what this chap collects

    • LOL Angie I see you too posted about this mans weird collections of male parts too, you beat me to it, a day before I posted but didn’t see yours until this morning when reading Emily’s response to the footage. You can see then why I posted that, probably the same reason as you, to show folks that there’s far worse and weird things out there being produced and put on display !

  30. If buying and making reborn dolls is considered weird then look at this, look what this man collects ! LOL I know its going away from the subject but just goes to show just about anything can become a collectable

  31. Laughing and in shock Susan Ripley at this mans hobby.
    Collecting reborns is not weird at all its but I must agree with Tammy that the online videos do demonstrate some pretty weird behaviours. I am a collector and do enjoy buying clothes and accessories for my dolls and also enjoy cuddling them but I prefer not to take them out or to film myself playing with them,but each to there own I say. I have read all of the comments and feel disgusted too that single mums on benefits should NOT be buying dolls. How can they spend so much money on expensive silicone dolls when they have a home to keep and a child to provide for wrong so very wrong. but while followers of these women keep commenting positively on every new doll then this reaffirms that what they are doing is justified. I work very hard and spend my income on dolls, reborns and silicones, I do not smoke or drink or go on expensive holidays I buy and enjoy dolls, my money my choice.

    • Thanks Davina j for seeing the funny side and showing a sense of humour.!

      • Its not about having a sense of humour its appropriate comparisons. I was disgusted this was even added to a debate about doll collecting. No one has ever stated that collecting dolls is abnormal or weird just some individuals behaviours associated with it.

  32. I don’t think collecting dolls or making them is actually considered weird I don’t think any one has a problem with any one collecting them. BUT! taking them out in prams pretending they are babies, changing diapers in rest rooms, bottle feeding them in public. That is what is considered weird. Also the obsessive buying more and more dolls even when your finances do not allow it that is a compulsion and addiction. I think personally that some lonely isolated ladies do rely on filming themselves with their dolls for companionship makes me feel sad for them that they fill the void in their lives by buying lots of dolls.

    • Observing the hobby

      This was such a good comment ~ I don’t believe that any grown arsed woman should be allowed or coerced in2 thinking it’s acceptable 2 prance around on cam the way most of the Youtube sheeple do ~ This is hideousness & certainly very bad role models for impressionable teen girls coming in2 adulthood ~ It teaches them that public regression (for a monetised channel or not) is perfectly fine, but in reality it is nothing more than sick & not rational behaviour at all ~ Sure, I am constantly being attacked for my very outspoken views on this subject but I simply cannot watch the videos on YouTube anymore ~ They have taken a perfectly normal collecting hobby & twisted it in2 something horrible & pathetic 2 watch…

      One unhealthy looking woman makes healthy snacks & mealtime videos for her dolls, whilst documenting their personalities in a journal ~ I am not sure how much time one can have on their hands, but it should be used for something productive & not asinine…

      Another woman likens & compares each new doll & its arrival, 2 having an ultrasound scan when you are pregnant ~ If that isn’t sick, then I am not sure what is ~ Collecting these dolls feels NOTHING like having a real baby in any real sense at all & it is wrong 2 pull others in2 their madness…

      • Omg! Really? Crimes of the century!
        FYI- although you have watched a lot of these videos you don’t seem to have grasped the concept- this says more about you and the rest of the condemning commentators than anything your words say.
        The community exists for itself and those who wish to be active within it.
        Seriously, if you don’t like it and you don’t approve, stay out of it- simple!

  33. How a blog about reborn doll collecting is associated with a mans collecting of male anatomy objects is beyond me. Where is the significance? completely inappropriate and offensive to even have such hobbies compared.

    • Emily the utube showing the footage of a mans collecting of male anatomy wasn’t shown to be offensive against reborners, im one myself, I showed it to let it be known there are far worse and weird things people collect out there and in comparison reborning isn’t at all weird and both those who make them and buy them are just normal people. If ive caused any offense then I apologise. Like Davina j said some online videos do demonstrate some pretty weird behaviours and this is why I showed it, as you say reborning is in no way offensive where as showing the male anatomy could well offend some so I cant see why people make such a thing about reproducing a doll that just resembles a beautiful sweet baby.

  34. Charlotte Glancey hiya see you are being commented about again with your dolls and lots of doll collectors think you buy to many dolls with benefits money meant for your home and child
    you have bought so many new dolls in the last few months and as other people have said expensive silicone dolls that cost you almost 1000 pounds saw what you bought as saw them for sale on ebay and you wonder why people have a problem with you when you say you have no money then waste lots more buying more and more dolls may be you should just film ones you already have and not fill the need to keep buying new ones just some think to think about hun.
    And I got the joke about weird collecting hobbys people have but agree as well that not the best topic to compare with :/

  35. How a single mum living on social security can justify spending £650 gbp on a silicone doll is beyond my comprehension. Latest silicone toddler from ebay would you believe. Oh yes pobsbabies3uk has completely shocked me. Has spent well over £2,000 on dolls since Christmas out of tax payers money. Regardless of how she acquired the spare cash it should not be spent on dolls when you have a child to support. She openly complains that her mortgage payments from ex husband are being reduced then spends so extravagantly. I don’t care how many dolls people buy or how much they cost its individuals prerogative to buy what dolls they want and spend their money on whatever they choose. I am so angry after seeing the latest bragging you tube video.

  36. I will say 1st off, when I seen the youtube videos that got my daughter interested and talking about Reborns I was honestly MORTIFIED, #1 because anyone was treating these dolls a real live child and I personally do not think that type of a connection is very healthy for a grown adult, I feel it is a surrogate for some other void and is just milking and covering the real problem at hand. and by all means, you know you cannot handle a “real” child buy yourself one , cuddle it, buy it clothes ect but do not lose sight of what you have in your life and what you need in your life. @nd, the particular channel she had been watching was a mother?daughter duo and the daughter was idk, maybe 13 so that is norm for them to be interested in mothering, what it is like and the more real the better but the Mother was not just pretend and role playing with the daughter but talking to the public as if these were real babies, going on picnics making them plates, taking them into stores and buying the dolls WAY more than I would prob spend on my child and the part that got me is they had a raffle for 1 of the dolls because “she couldn’t afford to let her daughter cheerlead” and “they had no family support” She had a nursery for the dolls, bought FORMULA for the dolls , and had literally idk, maybe 12 to 15 of these EXPENSIVE dolls, then not long after needing money bought the girl a 3000 dollar silicone doll.. I was ok with the role play and my child being entertained by this but when she starts throwing tantrums wanting us to “build her a nursery” and “buy her formula” I started to be annoyed. My daughter has always treated a $5 doll just as special and sweet as a $50 doll and to her they are real, since she was 2 that is the only thing that interests her is her babies, 3 Christmas’s her biggest wish was a ‘real” car seat carrier and “real” baby diapers so I finally broke down and got her a reborn.She is 7, she LOVES it and it was the best purchase I have ever made for her and it is so sweet watching her care for and love this baby doll, who is named Sofie Lynn< but that is just that, had I kept letting her see all these people throwing birthday parties and spending more $ on clothes and formula for a doll when there are infants and toddlers out there freezing and starving she would have a very twisted sense of herself, her natural role as growing into being a Mother and life in general I believe,but also she would lose sight of right and wrong which is something I am very very big to instill on my children!!! I bought this 200 doll for her birthday and I bought her a couple small cheap outfits and hair bows and diapers, I also made her a few pacifiers and made her a "liquid filled" siliconed bottle for her but that is it, she knows and understands that is it, anything else she will do with her allowance and anything she buys for her doll she has to spend the same amount and donate to the less fortunate….I want her to learn all about nurturing, mothering and loving in a way that I will honestly say I cannot give her, I love and care for my children more than the next person but I was raised and have difficulties with being cold sometimes and I do not mean to but it is just the way I am, I want her to be better tan myself in everything she ever does and will support her as far as the play and learning but I will never ever let her get to a point of unrealistic emotions and actions, it is really crazy to read and hear some of the things that these women say and do. I have lost children, 1 died at birth and several miscarriages and it is very painful and heartbreaking but a cold lifeless doll cannot ever take that place, not like that…. I wish they would do more studies on this and point towards some type of help for some of these"collectors" to see the light at the end of the tunnel. & I get it, not all are that way by any means, holding my daughters baby I see why they are so loved, they are o soft and cuddly and I do not want and had myself "fixed " so I will never have a newborn to myself and I find a lot of fun dressing her up with my daughter and cuddling it while I am being lazy on the couch, but no more than a build a bear is soft and cuddly and you can dress it up!!

    • My goodness what a long thread lol. Some of the statements made sense but not all women buy the dolls to replace a lost baby, just that they love dolls and always have. I have silicone dolls and display them i feel no need to share them on youtube or take them out. I do not need “help” or neither do any of the vast number of doll collectors that I have met.
      The youtube video women make films to show their collection and try to make it interesting for other collectors by role play. I think that everyone has issues with the bragging “look what I have got now” videos when they have dependants and are claiming social security but the positive messages and subscribers encourage the buying of dolls hence they buy more expensive dolls to gain more views. I work hard, buy my own dolls and enjoy collecting immensely. I am normal and feel no urges for a baby at all.

    • Observing the hobby

      This thread is soooo long, I am still finding comments I love & wish I had time 2 respond more to ~ Your account of your views is spot on Isaiah ~ I picked up your word “mortified” and coupled it with my 2 words of “watching regression” ^^

    • The Mother and daughter duo are making money on their videos… Them taking the dolls on outings and feeding them such gets them thousands of hits on their videos which equals money for them….

      • Observing the hobby

        Yes, isn’t that sickening, that such talentless efforts can make money from inane videos ~ That is why I refuse 2 watch…

  37. Psychology student. Please excuse my grammar English is not my 1st language.

    Interesting that regarding all the subjects explored by this Dr the subject and psychology of owning and collecting dolls has evoked such a response. I too am of the opinion that collecting and owning dolls regardless of the material they are made from is a harmless enjoyable hobby. Even purchasing clothes and baby items for the dolls is fun and enjoyable. Likewise forums and shows where collectors meet is normal with any collecting hobby. I explored you tube out of interest to see the extent that collectors go with doll ownership. I saw lots of nice normal ladies who thoroughly enjoyed the hobby and made videos clearly to entertain. But I can also understand the reaction of the negative comments and valid points made on here.
    There does seem to be a competitive element of having to have another new doll to show off, the box openings new outfits etc. I think that the responses from subscribers can cause some individuals with an unbalanced mental capacity to buy more dolls to seek approval and positive affirmations from others. This becomes a addiction as buying better and more expensive dolls evokes more appreciative responses. I did view the mentioned you tube collector who evoked such a powerful response from other individuals. Hoping that subscribers become more sensitive and aware that they are enabling and encouraging the behaviour.
    Very interesting subject and many of the beautiful dolls were unbelievably realistic so I can appreciate the art of these dolls. But unhealthy addiction from mentally vulnerable ladies with dependants and financially unable to keep purchasing these dolls should absolutely not be encouraged.

    • Ok I’m a collecter I’m also mentioned in this article in not a nice way so tired of ppl saying if u have young children then ur mentally unstable to have dolls is crazy what’s wrong with ppl I’m not mentally unstable I have my amazing kids and dolls so what what is the big deal to ppl who sit and judge the most annoying is fact of ur financial state always seems to come up I would never tell anyone what they do with any money they get that’s their business not mine it’s really no one business at all what others buy with money u wouldn’t want ppl telling u what u can spend on this article has just gone too far with ppl jumping in with there off comments and thinking u know a person by watching a couple vids on utube Is so not fair I will continue to enjoy my hobby this comment us not at u at everyone really don’t see why it’s any ones concern when no harm is being done

      • Its not about collectors with children per se its about collectors claiming social security benefits intended for their children spending the benefit buying dolls for themselves. Its the high cost of a luxury non essential item with tax payers money intended to make the children lives better. As for filming yourself and family this does invite comments when you welcome the world into your home. You make that choice to share your world so comments and opinions will be the end result. Financial state is mentioned because of the high cost of these non essential luxuries, full body silicone dolls cost $2,000 usd upwards no one can justify spending that when dependants come first hence others opinions. I work, earn and collect dolls with disposable income and buy more expensive dolls by layaway, my money my choice. But I have a teenage son and daughter, who’s needs comes first too.

      • No one is insinuating that collectors are mentally unstable because they have children and collect dolls. I have young children and collect dolls too. People are judging single moms that are spending their children’s limited support money purchasing dolls. Of course no one has the right to judge how someone else chooses to spend the money that they earn. But no one can justify purchasing dolls under any circumstance when the children and home priorities come first. Dolls at the end of the day are luxury non essential items, as much as I enjoy my dolls I can afford to buy them. Just shedding some light on why the comments are geared towards the financial side of doll collecting. I categorically am NOT saying that you fall into the category of buying dolls on benefit money. Doll collecting for me is a wonderful hobby but can become very addictive as I am always looking at new sculpts and silicones :/ But I work hard, save for my dolls and when I want an expensive silicone to add to my collection I sell some I own to buy a new one. But we all collect and buy in different ways none wrong or right. I like new dolls direct from the artist but friends I know buy pre owned dolls which is a more purse friendly collecting lol.

  38. Observing the hobby

    I am brand spanking new to the “reborn & silicone baby” community, awaiting my very first ever reborn baby vampire twins (hehe) but I have been an avid researcher & observer over a matter of months & have formed quite an opinion myself, on this hobby…

    At first I admit that I thought the dolls were creepy & looked like dead babies, but then I started to search for more information on the subject & grew to admire the workmanship & creativity involved in making one of these dolls ….then by chance I came across a vampire baby & I fell in love…

    I find the worst serial offenders to be from the UK & the US alike, each competing harshly with the other to see who has the most expensive, coveted silicone baby, including all the designer labeled bits & bobs that go with each new doll…

    The name droppers offend me most… “Oh this is Stella McCartney…or Chloe…or Ralph Lauren…” as they shove a little patent shoe onto a floppy rubbery foot…and coo about how this is their “dream baby” that they are in love with, their “forever” baby….only to tune in the next day to find that doll has been shunted off to another “mummy” while they search for the best…Claire Taylor, or Romie Strydom silicone, to video, upload & parade on YouTube…

    Thousands of pounds (and dollars) spent on designer gear for a dolly that did not hang around in the nursery for very long………………….who does that?!

    Yes, this hobby IS an addiction ~ an addiction to finding that “forever” baby…and an addiction to purchasing baby clothes & items for a baby that isn’t alive…

    I too am guilty of “nesting” for vinyl babies….but I wouldn’t go as far as making a nursery or buying a stroller for it ~ I mean………..who does that……and actually believes it’s okay…..

    I truly believe that all of these ladies (and a couple of guys) are decent people, with kind hearts ~ It’s the braggers & over competitive ones that give a reasonably quiet & pleasant hobby a bad name…

    I have also noticed that it is taboo to talk about problems or issues with the uber expensive silicone dolls & nobody ever references their experiences on YouTube or anywhere else for fear of being ostracized from the community or banned from purchasing more dolls from certain snobby artists or sculptors ~ I say name & shame, especially if you had to remortgage your house to purchase one…

    And WHY do the same old artists get the prototypes EVERY single time ~ It is time to give some of the other artists a chance at earning those big bucks on eBay auctions too…..

    I would like to end by saying, I am not being judgy… I see the joy & pleasure these dollies give so many people for so many different reasons ~ I am eager to receive mine too ~ It’s the obsessive addictive behaviours that really make me cringe & the ripping off, over pricing of the dolls in general, when their are flaws in the work…

    The obsessive nature of this hobby enables the sellers to bump up their prices just because of their name & reputation, when the smaller, quieter & relatively unknown artists are doing the more realistic work & turfing out better babies for a much smaller fee…

    • Observing the hobby I agree with everything you have said here well done for expressing so eloquently how I have been feeling regarding the hobby. The snobbery to own the named artists dolls is ridiculous. I couldn’t agree more re the videos saying I love this doll and couldn’t want another doll more its my dream baby. Then suddenly the doll is sold and another doll appears that they cant live without, complete with brand new expensive outfits and new expensive strollers.
      I also hate to see the real children sitting ignored while mum is cooing over dolls and filming them. Not to say mums cant collect dolls but I agree the obsessive nature of the doll collecting can take over their rational thinking when money should be prioritised spending on living children first.
      I am also fed up with the well known main artists selling shoddy silicone dolls and everyone keeping quiet. I have wasted a lot of money trying to resell dolls that were sold to me from the artists as perfect that in fact have many flaws that I must honestly declare on resell losing hundreds of dollars. Peeling paint, untipped nails, poor rooting and poorly painted dolls :-/
      I am done with buying blind and will only buy now if I can see the doll directly from a doll show.

  39. Observing the hobby

    I would just like to add ~ There is one young US mother on youtube who has a house filled with babies of her own ~ Living, breathing little people, who are left on the sofa, while their mum videos her newest silicone or reborn baby ~ She pans in & out & across the doll & not once tapes her own babies ~ I find it all a little sick to be honest but like with everything, in moderation, is always good…some of these women have just stepped over the edge a little & need to check themselves…

  40. Here Here well done everyone for being brave enough to voice how many people genuinely feel regarding the reborn “community”
    Doll collecting reborn and silicone is a addiction and obsession. I stopped buying and cancelled forum subscriptions and my ebay account as I became hooked on the world of make believe. Personally I would scour ebay several times a day under new listings reborn dolls and silicones to see if a new desirable doll was available. The excitement when a new doll was on its way gave me a massive high feeling. I would buy new clothes, reveal on forums that I had a new baby on the way. When the box arrived I would film me opening it for you tube and take pictures for my dolly friends. Congratulations on your new baby he/she is wonderful. so cute, amazing. Anyone would think I had given birth to a live baby not bought an object. On reflection I can see the ridiculousness of the whole scenario but when you are being supported and encouraged with affirmations that what your doing is to be celebrated. I did seek the high of people telling me I was wonderful as I owned the best and latest artist sculpt.
    Once I had the new doll a few weeks I was looking again at what new dolls were being released as the thrill of the new doll had worn off and I sought a new high fix. Every doll I would sell, but i am in the fortunate position of earning a good wage and have no children to support so I can afford the dolls prices. But worrying the collectors with children preferring to buy new clothes for their dolls and playing with them rather than spending the available household money on real living children. Time enough when the children have gone to buy dolls. Precious childhood time should be devoted to real youngsters not rubber and plastic toys. Upsets me seeing youngsters watching mum cooing over dolls while they sit scruffy and ignored while the dolls have new clothes and accessories.
    Not all of the collecting community is obsessed and weird but the competitiveness is not very nice. I feel happier since I came away from the doll world.

  41. I have read alot of the comments on here and as a a+ student in psychology and also a student mental health nurse i feel that alot of people are judging a little to in depth. To own a reborn baby does not mean u have mental health problems or an instant obession or you are going to destroy your life, sadly that is down to an individual and is no more common than someone who does train spotting or stamp collecting or any type of hobby. I have seen people that make cards for a hobby and will spend hundreds of pounds a month on supplies to make endless cards for every occasion. Obession or hobby?

    These reborns fill a gap and in recent years they have been filled with other things be it crime, over eating, working endless hours. Coping mechanisms. I own one of these dolls as an 18th birthday present and when i got him i gave him clothes and i gave him a cot ect. Like many doll collectors the intelligent thought out process to this wasnt because i was a naturally born insane person but it was to create a full display of realism. People like to display what they have bought and to create the illusion is a proud moment, an achievement. Although the hobby can become intense, it is still a hobby and some people will get over involved and dedicate every moment to it, again this is not uncommon in any hobby but because this one is new and what it stands for “lifelike babies” society sees it in a more negative light.

    I have spoken to many of the ladies who collect and i have listened to alot of the resons for collecting and i have yet to speak to anyone that takes this hobby to extreme, although i have seen roleplay on youtube with these dolls and it may seem extreme to some i have no seen any evidence of any destructive behavior to that or indication it is anything more than pretend. To neglect your own children over these dolls i dare say would cause some concern but this would be down to an individual basis and not down to the hobby. I have had stories of parents neglecting there children over video games.

    Any hobby that someone is uncomfortable with or dislikes or even begins to not enjoy it will naturally bring out the negative side. Many people get attached to inanimate objects, this is why in life we have sentimental items because we become attached. Maternal instincts kick in with a baby and the more lifelike the more our body will tell us to care and look after and as i have said for many people it is a healthy and controlled hobby.

    Designing a nursery and buying the toys i have had debates with colleagues over this one, my opinion is that you dont buy a £500 vase to stick it on the kitchen window sill or a £2000 dress to hide it in the back of your closet, so why would u spend so much money on a doll that has had hours of workmanship go into it, that is a one of a kind and not go full on to display it to its full potential. That is the goal in my opinion is to make the doll the centre attraction as you would with priceless objects in a museum you display them to make them the focus the crown jewel and on that basis why wouldnt u go full out….because “other” people think its odd, because “other” people dont understand, well again that society and the inability to accept new concepts that are not applauded by the masses.

    I dont enjoy taking sides but it begins to get a bit annoying to say the least to see many people branded as “neglectful”, “crazy”, “disturbed” and “obsessive” because of these dolls. sadly i know what crazy and disturbed and obsessive is and i have never met anyone that observes these traits. if a collector lets it get out of control then it is down to the collector. I dare say people that have a larger need to love and nurture will be more attached to these dolls but we ca say a person that is more creative has a larger attachment to crafts and a person with a passion to sew will dressmake.

    • Love the I am a a+ student in psychology aspect of opinion :-/
      Defending the hobby is fantastic but as a collector your opinion would be defensive.

      I know many women neglect their children whilst playing video games or other behaviours that mean more to them than living children BUT buying plastic or rubber dolls, new clothes toys (oh yes) new strollers. Then filming yourself playing with the doll is unbalanced and appalling. Plus who would think that spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on moms dollies when household money should be prioritised on real living breathing children.
      I get the maternal instinct pull but hug your own children, take them out for the day, buy them a new outfit. There is no justificatio

    • The above comment(Francesca) is the most balanced and intelligent one I’ve read so far. I collect reborn dolls and am not mentally unstable. Glad to be at last considered to be in the “normal” segment of society. As if I didn’t already know that I am, Ha. Ha!

  42. To observing the hobby…im glad you put
    The obsessive nature of this hobby enables the sellers to bump up their prices just because of their name & reputation, when the smaller, quieter & relatively unknown artists are doing the more realistic work & turfing out better babies for a much smaller fee

    And also as Sinitta JK says

    I am also fed up with the well known main artists selling shoddy silicone dolls and everyone keeping quiet. I have wasted a lot of money trying to resell dolls that were sold to me from the artists as perfect that in fact have many flaws that I must honestly declare on resell losing hundreds of dollars. Peeling paint, untipped nails, poor rooting and poorly painted dolls

    Both comments are so true.

  43. Observing the hobby

    I am sorry to say that I have to agree with everything Brenda M has said here ~ Although I am what you would class as a “noob” in this community, I have seen & heard enough 2 know that the youtubers & doll fan subscribers ARE behaving in very strange ways, which cannot be healthy to their overall real life relationships, as people will be worried for their sanity & continual role play needs…not to mention their bank balance…

    How can a relatively sane woman shove a bottle in the face of a vinyl doll at the age of 40+ and realistically believe in her own mind that this is cool & mature behaviour?! Although this hobby on the outside doesn’t “seem” to be a negative or damaging one, it most surely is ~ Collecting a couple of beautifully painted dolls is one thing, but spending thousands on a new stroller or crib, only to sell them & buy something else the next month is irrational & obsessive behaviour, no matter which way you look at it…and no rubbery doll, no matter who made it, is worth $22,000 ~ More fool those clambering over each other to get one…

    I watch some of these videos & after the torturous “super cutes” I think to myself, hey they have remortgaged their home to purchase their dream baby yet they are still showing videos of their new box openings of yet another reborn or silicone doll… but I thought that WAS their dream baby, so why are they buying another?! If the hobby wasn’t an obsessive & addictive one, they would be satisfied with a few pretty dolls to display…

    It is also quite obvious that spending more doesn’t mean you will receive the best, most realistic baby ever… if that was the case, the community would be satisfied with their one or two, or maybe three beautifully made dolls & that would suffice….but it never does………..

    I have seen many young mothers on YouTube, with tiny babies of their own, who have no shame in showing the world how dirty their room is, or how cluttered it looks, whilst their little child is moaning in the background & her shiny vinyl doll lays lifeless in the spotlight of the camera’s glare…… how sad….

    Thank you Sinitta for responding to my comment…
    Well said Sharon…
    Susan, it had to be said ~ I have witnessed it with my own eyes & some of these “prototype” artists & silicone doll artists do really mediocre work & charge the earth just because they can & also because they know the nature of the hobby & the women who purchase these dolls sometimes just need to win the eBay auction & don’t even want the doll…

  44. Observing the hobby

    If these uber expensive “super cute” (LOL) babies were so realistically perfect, then most doll collectors would have very few in their collection & be very very content with their babies, don’t ya think?!

    These women will never be content & will continue picking off the lint that collects on their expensive silicone doll until they find another scrunched up face they prefer more…

    I truly think that if anyone (like myself) would like to experience owning a couple of reborn dolls or silicone dolls they should research for a very long time on the kit or artist they want & when they have purchased their desired collection, should walk away & say, yep, done that… now back to concentrating on the things that really matter…

    Nite nite all

    • Observing the hobby you have hit the nail on the head with the hobby. You are not condemning collecting dolls but the irrational obsessive nature of collecting, which this article was about in the first place.

      I have experienced horrendous women in the so called reborn community who appear to be your friend hoping to get first pickings at a reduced price when you sell any doll. Who want to buy from you cheap only to sell instantly at a very high price almost immediately (happened several times) I have been scammed four times either not receiving the doll at all. To receiving horrendously reborned dolls, badly painted, missing nail tips and pluggy rooting (huge financial loss to me)

      Silicone dolls I have purchased from the artist or as recent resells arriving with bad silicone flaws that are not mentioned or told they are not boo boos just that the dolls are a handmade product so all have flaws. I understand this but all “natural flaws” should be detailed so buyers can decide if they want an item with the natural damage. I have paid several thousand dollars and received dolls shoved in small boxes with no blankets or protection.
      After suffering so much anxiety and stress buying dolls I decided I was not gaining anything positive at all from collecting.Not all collectors are dishonest but I have lost trust now and begun to dread opening a new doll so have stopped buying.

      • Yvonne so eloquently put voicing my experience exactly. I agree that the flaws and ALL areas that have any discrepancies however small and irregular should be declared fully at point of sale. I fully appreciate that the silicone dolls are hand made products but so are many items available to buy.
        All I ask is that I am aware of problem areas before I part with my hard earned money. Not acceptable to send out dolls with damaged silicone, poor painting & poor rooting. Badly fitting eyes with eyelash glue globby and visible. Nails not fully tipped on all fingers. Plus shiny areas not fully matted, paint peel. I could go on but sadly all problems I and other friends have experienced with super expensive silicone babies bought from artists. And I also have received many dolls that have not been packed with care, no blanket or bubble wrap. Several popular :-/ artists are guilty of sending out dolls squashed in boxes to small. with no additional outfit, pacifiers or care sheets. Quick to take the money but with limited customer service etiquette or skills.

        The hobby is I agree extremely expensive, addictive & can develop into obsessive attachment issues with vulnerable individuals. But for the most part myself and friends who collect dolls are busy working mums, wives, grandmothers & have full lives and the social aspect of collecting is enjoyable and fulfilling. But I agree Yvonne that there is a nasty side to doll collecting with fake friends & scammers. I only buy now from friends I know or from doll shows. I want to see and inspect the dolls before I buy. Stay safe online, ask lots of questions, request more photos without the pacifier (my pet hate) Only ever pay via a secure payment method paypal goods. Don’t risk bank transfers or paypal family & friends.

  45. Observing the hobby

    “Very overwhelming emotionally draining destructive hobby that becomes addictive and controls you.”

    I am so sorry the hobby consumed you so & glad 2 learn that you managed 2 walk away with your sanity intact @ Ruth R…

    I think it is such a shame that a relatively sweet hobby has been overrun by crazies, all enabling each others oddness which has now, unfortunately, permeated the “whole” community & tainted the experience for others…

    I have also learned first hand, that some of the doll artists & sculptors etc are not very nice women 2 deal with at all ~ I have no fear in naming & shaming ~ Some are very nasty indeed……Just ask me & I will not hesitate 2 tell…

    With regards 2 the women in the reborn/silicone community… I have found them all 2 be insular & ignore me as a newcomer, which is perfectly fine by me, but only reiterates all that has been said about their behaviour, right here on this thread & they can continue shoving a plastic bottle against a lifeless doll for the camera until they are carted off by men in white coats…

    Thankfully, I have seen how this hobby ends, even before I’ve started & many of the great affirmations here were a double confirmation for me ~ Suffice 2 say, I will not be growing my collection beyond the ones already being made…

    ~Peace Out All~Xx

  46. I have none but im going to get one for cheap that is a girl i need one real bad😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😣😣😣😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  47. I agree with most of what ‘observing the hobby’ said, I am in the UK and WAS a member of u tube, they are all self obsessed and unless you fit their stereotype of a ‘reborn mummy’ which I most certainly do not you are not allowed in and no matter how many video’s you comment on you won’t get a reply, oh wait if you do a give away you will get hoards of greedy ones leaping in, I collect these dolls as I appreciate the art that goes into creating them and in no way do I think they are real of shove bottles in their gobs!!!

  48. Observing The Hobby

    Hehe @ Miss Pink ^^

    You are so right about the greedy ones, with their begging hands out for every giveaway ~ Those are the first 2 stab you in the back & jump on the bully wagon, preferring 2 believe slanderous lies over the truth *sigh*

    Yeah, I’ll never be part of the “dolly community” because it’s so far removed from my reality, or anyone elses & it is mighty hard 2 decipher who is sane or decent…

    I have given up caring ~ I don’t do shallow, or empty & I refuse 2 sit quietly & not voice my opinions, when most of these “collectors” are prancing about on webcam, broadcasting 2 the world on a very public forum just how addicted & petty they look…

    Nite nite Pink ツ

    • Hi there, at last a real person who thinks like I do!!! seeing as this is a blog of addiction I can see from u tube that addiction doesn’t just go as far as dolls, they get addicted to having the same clothes as everyone else, the same doll sculpt, I just don’t get it, maybe I am weird!!! I do not call my dolls ‘babies’ they are dolls end of, I like to dress them and have them displayed around the house, no way would I construct a special ‘nursery’ for dollies, I like to look at them and appreciate the artists work that went into creating them. I also dress them in my own style and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.

      Re: the so called ‘reborn community’ on u tube they are all in my eyes bullied into thinking wheeling dolls out in prams and all buying or lusting over the latest silicone doll is acceptable behaviour and before anyone jumps in and says ‘your jealous’ no way!!! I have silicone dolls thank you very much and jealousy is NOT in my nature. I could never understand the saying ‘we have a hater on my doll’ just cause they got a thumbs down on a video, are they so naive that they think only their little group can watch their videos, once you put a video up any Tom Dick or Harry can see it and it is their choice to give a thumbs down if they don’t like a video. Don’t get me on the stupid comments either like ‘aww cute’ she/he is lovely even when its hideous!!!! `I joined u tube to hopefully enter into constructed dialogue about dolls not to write a load of dumb childish 2 liners!!! or watch endless hauls, changing videos etc.

      Sorry to bang on but I tried to voice my opinions on u tube and they all leapt out of the woodwork to call me all sorts of names and saying I was jealous etc etc, and putting up the ‘poor me’ videos, I am not that insular that my life revolves around dolls.

    • Observing the hobby

      I am also not an envious person & never have been but some of those high end silicone dolls are hideous munters & I laugh 2 myself when I see all the comments cooing over them ~ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder & all that jaZz but perleaase, that is a munter doll & you know it…


  49. Observing the hobby

    ‘ello Pink ^^

    I too have been bullied, goaded & coerced in2 showing my full self on video but I simply refuse 2 shove a bottle in2 the lifeless gob of my dollies in private or in public ~ BAHAHA!!! Somehow, that will make me look less fake & more real 2 my subscribers?! I simply refuse 2 put myself out there on a very public platform & talk 2 the camera, just 2 appease the dolly women on YouTube although I may continue using my voice on some future exposing videos, even if I am being accused of being a computerised robot & not using my real voice ~ It would all be so laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic ~ My accusers clearly have never heard an english speaking person before, especially one bringing the truth… ツ

    They all know where they can shove their fake dolly hugs………

    Enjoy your Sunday Miss Pink & come & check out my channel on YouTube, I think you may like some of it ❤

    • I have watched your vids and wrote comments on your vid had no reply to any I just wondered if it was because u thought I was one of these fake dolly ppl just curios that’s all as this article I see has got totally silly with ppl commenting whatever they feel on it not see the hurt its actually caused the alful side of the reborn world I know my dolls are not real and mostly are display however I do push bottles in there mouth for photos does that make me bad I didn’t think so but hey who knows I also saw what went on on your channel and didn’t stop watching your vids as I thought the comments were unfair

      • Observing the hobby

        Hello Anna ^^

        I am not sure if you use this same name on YouTube, but I don’t remember seeing your comments or support on any of my recent slander videos, in fact, the slander & lies got so bad, I disabled comments for all of those videos in question ~ If I am mistaken, I do apologise & I try 2 respond 2 everyone, even if only by liking your comment ~ I am a bit of a hit & runner online, I post & go ~ I don’t normally sit around online unless there is something I need 2 do…

        Oh & by the way……….I had NO public support, even though I brought factual & honest proofs 2 my table…

        And lastly, with regards 2 my comments & views on what is rational & irrational, really that is your choice & one that should never be taken from you ~ You make your life & I make mine ~ Do I think you are odd for “feeding” a doll, maybe, but who am I to judge ~ Do I think you are a bad person because you do this?! Absolutely not… be free 2 be & enjoy, just as long as you are not hurting anyone else…

        Unfortunately there are people amongst the doll community who are hurting others with their nastiness, their plagiarism, their bullying, their lies, their monetised channels & their competitive irrational addictions…………

      • I’m rebornannasmith on utube and yes I saw u disabled comments I’m not one to take sides as I like to hear all ppl sides first also I’d like to add I don’t feed my dolls I may put a bottle there take a pic and that’s it I’m not say feeding them or holding them as I have real children that have my attention 24/7 most are display as I find them nice to look at I do a vid when I choose to I’ve removed vids as if that’s how I come across then that’s not how it is

    • I too never put myself on camera just did slide shows, I worked out who you where on u tube a while back as I still watch some, like what I saw on yours, a real person with real views and not afraid to speak out and get the usual bashing for being open and honest, shame we cannot communicate for real as I am sure we share a lot of the same views and opinions. I could tell you things about certain u tubers that would make your hair curl (oops maybe you have curly hair!). The obsession to be better and have better than anyone else is just barmy, as for your voice being computerised, you wanna hear me speak I am not as well spoken as yourself but I sure am a straight forward cockney, what you see is what you get. Thats for annafunshine above take a look at yourself girl you put a video up of you taking a doll out to the shops in a pram while dragging your other kids with you!!! thats normal is it? I think not ,what your kids would do if someone actually saw that it was a doll you had in the pram is beyond comprehension, you may say ‘it ain’t doing any harm’ actually it is to your kids ‘my mum wheels a doll around in a pram’!!! that is NOT normal it is copying what you have seen people do on u tube.

      • Observing the hobby

        Private Message me on YouTube Pink, if you can & we can chat ツ

      • I am no longer of a member of u tube or google plus and I don’t do Facebook either, and I agree they are dolls end of story, and I am totally with you on all the lies that a certain person was banding about, I always research everything before making a decision or a comment hence I worked out who you where on u tube and the above mentioned Annafunshine who incidentally I have never heard of or known or would want to know, totally off my radar!!! enjoy your hobby and your cute little vampire dolls.

      • I would hardly say I was dragging my kids anywhere thank u and I took the pram more so I could put my shopping in and if my youngest got tired he sat in it so I filmed a video as well wow I should be carried off by the white van man now then as that’s the most alful thing I ever 😂 I’m not copying anyone thank u I do things because I want to not to follow others oh and what a great example to set to children u must hide ur hobby as it may embarrass them my kids come first before my dolls they always will u know nothing about me to say I’m not normal it’s funny as I’m such a bad judge of character I thought what ppl were saying about u wasn’t true how wrong do I look now and how judgemental u are and considering also a lot of ur vids were giveaways and u seem to have so much hate at the doll community why u would choose to do any miss pink sounds like someone I used to know I could be wrong but sounds like her way of talking

      • Well that’s a nice comment miss pink off ur radar or wouldn’t want to know kinda make it seem oh I’m not good enough maybe I’m wrong and u seem to know I have vampire dolls too would imply you have seen my channel anyways I’m not looking for drama so I will enjoy my cute dolls thank u 😊

  50. Observing the hobby

    I don’t have 2 hide my dolls @ Anna ~ My family & friends absolutely love them & think they are beautiful dolls, because that is what they are, dolls & only dolls ~ They are gorgeous 2 dress up, look at, hold for a bit & photograph, but that is it ~ You won’t see photos of my dolls on my FB, status after status all about dolls & only dolls…………This is madness & alien & not real life, this is regression….& as for believing the lies put out there about me by an known liar, scammer & bully “Hey There Spooky Face”, well…………go for it, but make sure 2 research & bring some of your own factual evidence 2 the table…

    • My Facebook is my kids pics yes I post doll ones too but my kids is my page it’s nice your family and friends like your dolls I only have my kids and my husband and my niece in my life and I’m a full time carer to my boys so there my life I have dolls i do pics a few vids I do no harm that I see mind all this with this article and ppl choosing to use it to have had a go at me in the past to be honest I think is it worth it I know what’s important to me as to the things said about u I don’t know everything so I don’t make judgement as I say I watched your vids and will continue to do so

      • Observing the hobby

        Well if you want 2 find me Pink, you know where I am ~ I can give you an email address too if you want, it’s up 2 you okay…

        I’ll be around for a while, until I have exhausted the dolly video possibilities & all their poses, then I’m done & on 2 the next venture…

        I get bored so easily… Lolz…

  51. Observing the hobby

    Ahh yes, I do know who you are @ Anna & I appreciate all the nice comments on my videos ~ I don’t readily respond much anymore, because of the lack of support I have had, so I’ve stepped back a bit & made myself less accessible as before ~ Nothing personal at all, I am thankful for your lovely comments on my videos ^^

  52. to Observing the Hobby, an e mail address would be good as I have no other way of getting in touch as no longer a u tube member or Facebook.

    • Observing the hobby

      I don’t really want 2 put my email addy on here though ~ Let me work out how 2 get it 2 you *scratches head*

    • Observing the hobby

      Miss. Pink, I have exhausted all the possibilities of trying to connect with you via normal means, so I have given up ~ If you want 2 contact me, you know where I am & I will try 2 respond if I can, although I can be a bit tardy…

      I have stopped watching videos from other members on YouTube, I really only did that for research in the very beginning, 2 see what kits & artists were about, but I honestly feel nothing but dismay for some of these women ~ One of them in particular is quite happy 2 openly drone on about her mental issues & her disability allowance & the fact that although she is healthy & in her 20’s has yet 2 hold down a job because of her “bipolar” and other issues, yet manages quite nicely 2 purchase silicone babies, non stop, albeit hideous & looking like raw sausage, but majorly expensive just the same, probably costing around the $4-6 thousand dollar mark ~ Afore mentioned person has no qualms about videoing the state of her rooms & the state of her mental being 2 all of her 45,000 YouTube subscribers & I feel like slapping her face & telling her 2 get a grip & get a productive life ~ With the money she spends on her dolls & travelling 2 all the doll shows just 2 sit, wide eyed, wide mouthed & catching flies for all the videos, she could easily check herself in 2 some swanky retreat for intense therapy sessions, good food & lessons on growing up, but I doubt she wants 2 ~ I think she prefers looking like the big over grown baby she is, with a vacant look in her eye…

      And please tell me why people bother making videos when they do nothing but snort, sniffle or cough throughout ~ I almost want 2 gag at their addiction…

      Happy Sunday All…

      • to observing the hobby, I too tried all ways but got no where, after my experience with the u tube wally’s I decided to write an article hence I was using their videos as research into compulsive collecting and the influence of peer pressure on said hobby. I too think like you on the videos especially the ones who openly whine on about illnesses etc. mainly to draw attention to themselves. The use of state benefits to fund expensive doll collecting is disgusting especially when it is coming out of my taxes!!!! I work dam hard and to see people in the UK using benefits money for dolls etc is so wrong. I will NOT be watching any more of their ridiculous antics saw one video where the whole video was describing the dress the doll was wearing, we are NOT blind I can see it!!! I think they need to grow up and behave like adults that collect dolls not kiddies who need to make a show of themselves feeding, changing and going walkies with them, I do none of these things my dolls are just a collection of art. I wish you well and have fun.

  53. Observing the hobby

    My thoughts exactly Pink ~ I actually feel myself gagging mostly & do not believe that there is any come back or ways 2 redeem oneself after that ~ By watching such dysfunction, I am allowing myself 2 be drawn in2 that darkness I wish 2 have no part of ~ If flaunting ones inabilities & oddness is the done thing in 2day’s society, then I want no part of it ~ Playing with dolls openly & publicly at 40+ will never be acceptable in my eyes or anyone else’s except those enablers & those too caught up in it already…

    I do not care what anyone says, this hobby is just another sub culture fetish ~ The only difference here, is that this fetish is not a sexual one, but it is still a fetish, end of story & no defending or shout downs will make me change my mind ~ In fact I speak for most of the sane & functioning world, not a tiny fraction of those wrapped up in their odd fetishes…

    If you do decide 2 make another YouTube channel or FB, then you know where 2 find me…

    Enjoy your Sunday Pink…X

  54. Observing the hobby

    I would like 2 read your article Miss. Pink…

  55. Observing the hobby

    Also, I have been thinking, you could message me via a family member or friend’s account on FB or YT and I can give you my email…

    • to observing the hobby, when I have time I will try and figure out a way of communicating, my article is still in the research stage, I notice fun shine whats her face has taken her vid down of her wheeling a pram with a doll in it with her kids in tow to the shops! proves a point in my book that she knows it is a dumb thing to do and to expose her kids to that sort of behaviour. I collect dolls cause I can but I also collect other art and have so many other interest, I have a few of the same sculpt but done by different artists just to compare how they differ in artistic style.

      I cannot figure out why people feel the need to expose themselves openly to ridicule, I guess they think only their so called ‘reborn community’ watches their vids and any negative comments are deleted. The ones that whine that they dislike the doll they have brought when it was suppose to be their ‘dream baby’ whatever that means!!! only have themselves to blame if they researched what they where buying and where not so eager to grab the latest ‘must have’ to compete with rest in their narrow little circle they wouldn’t get scammed. I have enjoyed communicating with you as we think on the same lines about the pathetic u tube doll lot who have turned a perfectly normal hobby into a to quote you ‘a fetish’ which I think is a very apt description, cause it ain’t normal to pretend to feed a vinyl/silicone doll with a feeding bottle while videoing yourself doing it and show piles of clothes while quoting the brand name of each item. I fall into the 40+ bracket but I sure as hell ain’t like any of them!

  56. Observing the hobby

    Bahahaha Pink, I enjoyed the chuckle your comment gave me this afternoon ~ You are right though & I also fall in2 that forever wobbly 40+ bracket ^^

    I have been a collector all of my life but have never been in2 dolls, even as a child (how funny) & because my babies were both boys, the only dolls around the house were action men or super heroes, so I think I have always secretly yearned for a little girl 2 fairyfy & dress up, so maybe that is why I am wanting girl dollies…?!

    My main passion I guess is guitars, I collect rare vintage customs & of course I have a thing about butterflies, fairies & all things whimsical, not 2 mention boots, hats & handmade dresses…so sure, I collect, but throughout my life, not as a hobby per se…

    And, you are so right my friend, these witnessed YouTube behaviours are NOT normal & the beauty is that we are both stable enough 2 know this & never allow ourselves 2 be drawn in2 it all…

    We simply must connect some way somehow, even if 2 just unload & vent about the things which have offended our poor old eyes Lolz or just 2 bring some normaldom back in2 our world of collecting dolls…

    I am sure, there is someone you trust enough 2 pop on2 their account & get my email address…

  57. I collect the dolls and do the role playing videos….
    I have bought them things at yard sales and on clearance at stores… put them on the dolls then do a video, and turn around and sell the items online or at a consignment store. So I don’t lose money buying them stuff. I set a budget for myself so I can enjoy my hobby with out it cutting into other expenses and bills. If I don’t have the money I don’t spend it.
    Most people that do a role playing video or any other video of their dolls spends the time making the video and the rest of the day… the doll is put up and the go on and enjoy the rest of the day….. at most I might spend 15 to 30 minutes of the day dressing a doll or doing a video. The rest of the day is spent on other activities. I think that is how most of the doll collectors are…. yes there are some crazies but most people are sane and just enjoying their hobby.
    Some people also do the role playing videos as a way to make a income on their videos to pay for the hobby or other expenses. Some of the ladies get thousands of views and are making a bit of money.

  58. Really? Is all this still going on? I think I’m 99.9% sure I know who you are Miss Pink or is it Lydia Ruth (the imposter NOT the real one). I’m very sure you’re one and the same person. If I’m right, I would be very careful what you say or write to be honest as you could very easily find yourself with a rather serious law suit against you.
    As for Observing The Hobby… You preach love and light and happy ever after and yet you have spewed forth quite a few not so “magical” loving words here alone.
    It seems yourself and Miss Pink will be very happy ripping people to shreds together whilst polishing those very rusty halos you wear!

    • I have only ever commented on here under Miss Pink and have no idea who Lydia is, as for a law suit, on what basis would any lawyer take on a case for someone expressing an opinion? I will no longer enter into any more of this silliness and will go and polish my shinning halo!

    • Observing the hobby


      My not so magical, loving words as you put it come from a basis of honesty & truth ~ I speak as I find & if I had stumbled across one redeeming quality in any of the people I so harshly admonish on this public thread, I would have had plenty good reason 2 praise them ~ Those needing 2 defend themselves often come across as quite the bully, hoping 2 reform & goad others in2 believing their views are the only opinions but unfortunately it doesn’t really work that way does it…

      I came in2 this “collecting hobby” as a loner & shall remain so ~ I built up my subscriptions by giving out freebies, in fact I have done 7 giveaways so far & I don’t see anyone complaining about the designer gear they all received, all hands out eagerly, until my name was dirtied on YouTube by someone called “Lexi” & her parrot pal “Emz”, with the hope that I would run away crying 2 mumma ~ It is important 2 note that I did these giveaways freely from my heart without anything in return ~ Subscriptions have never been my interest, rather I wanted my reborn artist 2 be highlighted on my channel, so that people could see her talents…that is it…

      Why did this happen 2 me, you may ask?! Well, I don’t think this “Lexi” person likes 2 be called out on anything & hates it even more when someone stands up 2 her nasty games, so she lies & scrambles around like a headless chick, making damage control videos ~ She even pulls in her favourite artist, who she is obsessed with, 2 do her dirty work, which is a shame really, because it only makes her artist look pathetic & ignorant ~ Haha ~ I must be so very important in her little sad life & I find that very creepy indeed ~ My few lousy 2 minute videos caused all of this ruckus bahahaha…. oh dear, how very sad…

      So, when I see intelligent based articles like this one, freely online for all 2 read & comment, I shall do so at my own leisure & have no fear of repercussion or a need for affirmations from your “so called” peace loving hobby ~ I for one can vouch the complete opposite ~ There is no love or kindness, only competition all feigned behind dolly hugs & let me tell you, as soon as you no longer have anything 2 offer these women, they turn on you like little Rottweiler’s, even though you did nothing but lovely things for them…

      Many of the channels with the highest subscribers are the worst offenders ~ They monetise & rake in as much as they can from their fetish, whilst being the main focus & enablers of all the little minions watching their inane drivel, day after day…

      I won’t watch & I won’t be part of it all ~ You can either be on the good side or the bad, you cannot play both sides & from where I stand, my little halo is nice & sparkly, as it should be 😉

    • Observing the hobby

      I would like 2 add this….. If anyone dares 2 disagree with how some of these crazies behave in public, we get that whole speech about “Men collect cars & stamps” blah bloring blah ~ Yeah, whatev, keep on defending your madness & obvious emotional instabilities & I will keep reminding you how sick it all is & not so harmless after all…

      There is a real functioning world out there…..unfortunately many in this hobby cannot see past doll shows & YouTube & shopping for clothes for babies that are not alive…

      Sometimes I feel sad that this world has created so many dysfunctional people who need sub cultures to feel normal… *shudders*

      • Sad that some feel the need to hide behind a screen to put others down that they think are dysfunctional… *shudders*

  59. Observing the hobby

    I don’t hide at all @ My dolls ~ Not one little bit, if you bother 2 open your eyes & research ~ I would also gladly tell it all 2 every face if that was possible & tell them all 2 wake up ~ Out of every person I have met within this hobby, I can honestly say there are less than a handful of genuine people, who agree with much of what Pink & I have stated but are too afraid 2 speak out ~ The dolly community is saturated with bullies, including some of the doll sellers, which makes people afraid that they won’t be allowed 2 purchase more dolls, so they suffer in silence ~ I don’t care about backlash, nor money or big numbers commenting & liking my videos, I care about integrity & speaking out for those who cannot ~ If you scroll back 2 my very first post on here, you will see that I clearly state that I am not knocking the hobby of collecting beautifully painted dolls ~ Nor am I knocking those lovely genuine souls who see their doll for what it really is but when I have been verbally attacked non stop, on my channel by people who I class as creepy & emotionally defunct, then I will open my mouth & tell them how the rest of the world see them…

    Everyone has the right 2 live & let live, but when you put yourself out there on a very public platform & try 2 tell the world that you are rational & sane when your behaviour shows the complete opposite, well… be prepared for the views of Joe Public…

    I am Joe Public… and I have a few dolls too…

  60. I’m so glad that you feel the way you do about live and let live. Maybe you just need to put it into practice?
    I have been around doll collecting and had a You Tube channel and so I know exactly how things can work behind the scenes.
    I also know that you protest too much and need to have the last word, and frankly you can have it.
    I don’t know Emz or Lexi, but I do know that they are not the only ones hiding behind a computer screen.
    The fact that you keep on telling everyone how a British person sounds is ridiculous as we certainly don’t sound like robots!
    Anyway, don’t let me keep you from polishing your halo and be careful the sparkle doesn’t blind you to the truth rather than the truth as you perceive it to be.
    Any further replies that I’m sure you won’t be able to help making will be ignored as i don’t enjoy wasting my time.

    • Observing the hobby

      I find it really quite odd & alarming that so many of you believe the lies that this “Lexi” person has put out about my accent ~ I must say, in all my life, nobody has ever said my voice sounds like a robot ~ I think you need 2 take the cheese out of your ears & listen 2 some of my videos, without them being filled up with utter nonsense ~ Do you realise how ignorant you make yourself sound when you put out ridiculous mistruths you cannot possibly back up?! Why would I disguise my voice in the first place, I mean, who does that?! And for what purpose?! When you have the answer & bring some evidence 2 the table, then I will view you as somebody who is credible & not just nasty & ill-informed…

      • I neither need, value or care what you think of me.
        What mistrust has have I put out exactly?
        I said voice sounded robotic, an observation nothing more and nothing less.
        I can assure you I am far from ignorant, and I think that is what you don’t like.
        My ears are just fine by the way thank you for your concern though!

  61. What a brilliant response. I agree with you 100% My Dolls.

    • Observing the hobby

      If anyone is hiding, I think it may be you ~ I have no idea who you are, yet you seem 2 know all about me which is creepy don’t you think?! You also jumped right in2 a conversation that was not directed at you, which means you are also a bit of a stalker, also creepy ~ Tell me who you are in the dolly community ~ Link me 2 your channel ~ Because you are attacking me, whilst hiding behind your monitor….

      • Think this has totally got out of hand here now and we’re all commenting on different things here how rude to call someone a stalker and creepy totally out of line none of us know each other personally so think keep throwing insults at each other is very childish I wish with my whole heart if never been mentioned in the comments it’s played on my mind since it was told about to me and seeing more and more ppl trying to help and getting Attacked is not right I’m not writing no more as I feel ppl will make there own judgements no matter what I say and I will not be reading no more as I say it’s already affected me in ways ppl won’t understand

      • I’m not attacking you or stalking you and I suggest you don’t accuse me of that again.
        If you read what I said properly, I said I “used” to have a YouTube channel.
        I left because of scenarios just like this one.
        I’m not sure if you realise this, but public media sites mean that the public see and are free to comment on posts. This is quite normal.
        Believe me when I tell you that you really are full of yourself if you think you are worthy of stalking or harassing as you really aren’t.
        The thing I find disturbing is that it would appear nothing is your fault in any way shape or form.
        For someone who doesn’t sit glued to their computer you certainly respond very quickly which was rather predictable.
        I don’t know all about you at all and neither would I wish to, and it isn’t rocket science. Someone told me about the ridiculous bickering that you were involved in and I watched your video.
        Very simple really.
        I’m not hiding anywhere and anyone who knows me from IG or otherwise will know who I am.
        It’s on a need to know basis, and you don’t need to know it.
        Please don’t try to intimidate me with your smart answers and holier than thou attitude.
        It doesn’t work and like you I am free to give my opinion.
        I think the bit you don’t like is that I’m not sucking up to you and agreeing with everything you’ve said.
        The only reason that Miss Pink is appealing to you is because she shares your perception of things.
        I don’t respond to demands or to antagonistic attitudes, but let’s just agree to differ and if you can possibly manage it, be adult about it all.

    • Observing the hobby

      I’m waiting……………or are you too afraid 2 play on even ground?!

      I do not have 2 hide…come & find me…then we can discuss, like adults face 2 face & I can tell you why my angle is so far removed from yours & in turn, maybe you can enlighten me, as 2 why this dolly community just doesn’t work & everything that is important & should be highlighted is hidden?!

      • You’re waiting.
        Oh dear, what a shame. Well unlike yourself I don’t have a halo to polish, I have other real life commitments to take care of and I will reply when I’m good and ready and not when you demand it!

  62. Observing the hobby

    I cannot help but find it all a bit troublesome, that my comments on this thread AND a couple of my 2 minute disclosure videos on YouTube (AFTER being slandered) have caused such a commotion amongst the dolly women, in fact I find it all rather laughable & think, my gosh, do people really have nothing better 2 do with their lives than 2 fixate on tiny little me, who has fewer subscribers, likers & commenters than all of the bullies put 2gether ~ Why do my videos affect so many people, yet I have no public support, only in private…?!

    Who even watches my stuff?! I have no idea how many people regularly watch, yet I have noticed many other channels, stealing my topics 2 make discussion videos of their own, whilst completely ignoring my channel… hmmmz…

    Who have I ever threatened?! I have only ever given & on occasion, like 2day, spoken my mind & told my truths ~ If these truths do not wash well with any of you, I suggest you scroll down & move along ~ While there is some semblance of “free speech” still left in this world, I will gladly be using it…

    Nite all who read Zzzz

    • Finally something we can agree on. Free speech.
      Oh and do you think the reason that no-one publicly supported you could possibly have been because they didn’t really support you at all maybe?
      I wish you all the best and this is the final comment I’m going to make on the matter.
      Not because I’m hiding or scared of you, but because you aren’t the type of person who can discuss anything other than what your point of view holds.

      • Observing the hobby

        I have never implied that I am holier than though 2 you or anyone else & I truly care little, whether you agree with my observations with regards 2 this hobby or not ~ I do not want suck ups or bottom feeders in my life, only decent & honest people, so 2 suggest otherwise is equally as childish & tit for tat as you accuse Pink & I of being…

        I came on2 this thread 2 voice my opinion, just like everyone else has done & unfortunately got caught up in the kind of shenanigans I want no part of…

        I do not know you & you do not know me, so I think it best 2 leave it at that…

        I do believe some of our wires have been crossed a little in the process & many conversations misconstrued ~ At first I was talking about the hobby in general & the things I find abhorrent within the YouTube community ~ Then I felt the need 2 defend myself, yet again, because of the lies people are being fed about me, two different topics which do not sit well 2gether & should be discussed separately…

        In the same vein you wish 2 be respected, I ask the same of you ~ I am a real person, with a real voice & no agenda…

        I hope you can say the same about yourself…

  63. I want to make it very clear that Annafunshine is not a bad mother, nor does she neglect her children.
    Quite the opposite in fact.
    So before anyone start screaming about how they don’t like being judged and that people don’t know you properly ask yourself this… What therefore gives you the right to pull Anna to shreds when you don’t know her, don’t know of her situation and certainly don’t know any facts whatsoever.
    I’m done here now.
    Have fun in the playpen Observing the Hobby and Miss Pink as that is about the level you are behaving at!

    • Observing the hobby

      I have never pulled Anna 2 shreds on here or anywhere ~ I don’t know Anna at all but she seems very sweet ~ I have had a lot of private support but no public support ~ I think that says an awful lot don’t you?! It says that there is a real fear 2 speak out against the hobby or the players in the community…

      • Ok. Things have got very crossed and I wish to apologise as I actually respect you for your opinion.
        It is not that far removed from my own actually. I have been in the reborn community a long time and the thing that annoys me the most is when no-one will publicly support you when it would be most helpful or needed.
        Believe me when I say I have had more than my fair share of being stabbed firmly between the shoulder blades for speaking out in the past, bullied, lied about, used and disrespected, so I do know how this feels.
        I’m not a bad person, and can assure you I’m very real indeed.
        I am no longer able to fully participate in the hobby as I have a serious medical condition that makes me totally unable to do anything for myself any longer. Not a sob story, just a fact.
        It truly breaks my heart to see how low this community has sunk in some areas as it never used to be this way.
        In the most part I feel that we are falling apart as a community.
        You are right. People leave sickeningly sweet comments for one another whilst holding their knife firmly behind their back to use when you least expect it.
        Am I perfect? No of course not.
        Am I saying I don’t make mistakes? No of course not.
        But I’m not in the habit of intentionally harming people or trying to be disrespectful or cruel.
        Do I get irritated and annoyed by all the rubbish that goes on? Of course I do.
        So, I do sincerely apologise for having become annoyed and I really do hope that people will stop being afraid of speaking out as nothing will change if they don’t.
        Anyone who does will not be popular because they are in a minority, but if that could be changed then things may get better.
        On a closing note, I can assure you that I’m not stalking anyone and I have actually watched your videos before.
        They are professionally done and I can see that a lot of work goes into them.
        I think we may have both got caught up in the heat of a moment and I would like to wish you well.

  64. Observing the hobby

    Well I must admit I did not come here & expect to find that kind of response & it is extremely pleasant indeed ~ I think wires often get crossed & words or phrases misconstrued, even when not in the heat of the moment ~ It can happen with people you love & trust in the real world too, that is why there is nothing better than speaking 2 someone face 2 face in the real sense ~ This cyber generation has lost its essence & I don’t particularly like it, but it certainly has its uses…

    I am sorry 2 learn of your physical & health challenges & I more than most can relate very much so…

    I came in2 this hobby as an outsider, who wasn’t even sure she would like the dolls when they arrived ~ I was pleasantly surprised that I do, but I still feel so far removed from this community because of the behaviours which seem alien to my life ~ Just because people prance about on YouTube doing all sorts of strange practices, doesn’t mean they are rational ~ I personally feel it 2 be damaging 2 force anyone in2 thinking their behaviours are sane ~ I would respect the collectors so much more if they were honest about their addictions instead of attacking anyone who thinks they have totally lost the plot…

    Any collecting hobby will always have those who want 2 compete & out do everyone else ~ This hobby is no different ~ There will always be the braggers, those never satisfied & those always searching ~ Unfortunately no void can be filled with a doll…or any object one desires…

    I am used 2 standing up for myself, alone ~ I guess I like being the lone warrior in many ways ~ I don’t answer 2 anyone ~ I don’t get sucked in2 cliques, ~ I march 2 the beat of my own drum & if I see wrongdoings, I will point them out, without fear ~ That in itself makes me a little different from many in this community ~ Who knows, maybe I was meant 2 find it for a reason eh…

    Be well…

  65. Observing the hobby

    I would like 2 add, my voice is mine ~ if it soumds a little computerised, that blame can only be put on the recording system I am using ~ I have not lied about anything or anyone & have had 2 defend myself a lot, but it won’t stop me speaking out against those oppressors amongst the community…or the bullies…

  66. Has been discussed already but i have a real issue with mums on benefits buying themselves dolls especially at Christmas time when surely all available money should be spent on your children. Certain youtube contributors have no conscience buying expensive silicone dolls for themselves, extremely selfish. If you earn the money then you are free to spend it on whatever you choose and its no ones business.

    I watched a video by the aforementioned pobsbabies3uk Charlotte Glancey and was appalled that she had again bought another ebay expensive £800 doll for herself. Plus the unnecessary toys and clothes for the doll :-/
    I cannot understand the bottomless pit of disposable funds. I am appalled quite frankly at the bragging “look what i have got now” videos. I understand the enjoyment of owning and buying dolls but how benefit mums can afford it is beyond my comprehension.

    • I thought this issue had been discussed and put to rest.
      I think that whatever makes someone happy and i believe that looking at dolls and anticipating a new one arriving gives a lift in mood when other problems overwhelm.
      I think that regardless of it being a doll planning and waiting for something special to arrive makes us happy.
      I must agree its surprising that a single mom can buy several for herself in close proximity. Christmas season is overwhelmingly expensive when you have a child to buy for, i would spend the money on my child or save the money for my childs needs over the year. Once you have bought a doll the value decreases so almost impossible to justify buying expensive dolls unless you have the finances to support the luxury of owning one.
      I watched the videos of the youtube lady and felt very sorry for her as she seemed very lonely with only her doll community friends for company..

    • I was searching for a reborn doll for my daughter for christmas and my search led me to this article and responses.
      I also viewed you tube videos on dolls so i could plough through the minefield of different dolls to choose from.
      I looked at the lady channel on you tube kerry D mentioned and was very concerned to see pobsbabies3uk behavior. A grown adult woman filming herself so identifiable to Joe Public playing with her dolls, mimicking them talking back to her and bragging about her expensive dolls she had just bought. I would wonder what the daughter thinks seeing mummy playing with dolls and showing herself on you tube my daughters would be embarrassed and horrified
      I looked at the doll makers she spoke about and they charge $1800 upwards for their dolls and she has 3.
      If you film yourself then people will have opinions on you spending so much money on yourself before your live kid.
      What the hell with the filming herself having her hair done very strange rofl…..

  67. I just checked out this womans channel and oh my goodness, very strange. She said she used her divorce money to buy herself a doll as she had wanted a new full body silicone for years yet owns several full body silicones already. She also said her dad would kill her if he knew she had spent the money on this doll, but she has had a rotten year. So oh well of course waste your money on a doll not on your live child.
    She has bought a new reborn too plus the recent other full body doll. How can someone justify spending $3000 (dollars) on dolls when she has a dependent.
    I truly believe its no ones business how they spend their earnings, but i agree with Kerry D that moms on social are not given money to spend on non essentials like dollys.
    I believe that by praising and supporting her behavior encourages the ridiculous buying.
    I understand that she has health problems but this too does not justify spending money intended for your child. All very sad depending on buying new dolls to make oneself feel better.

    • Have some heart.
      No mum would spend her limited finances on buying dolls for herself so after checking out the videos i concluded that she has special needs or mental health behavior. confirmed by the Christmas vlogs stating her child and herself were very ill, no one would film that on christmas day i actually felt very sorry for her as she must feel very lonely to film herself as obviously no real friends to turn to just faceless names leaving messages for her..All very sad and depressed me terribly so wont watch her again. I for one dont feel entertained watching someone so unhappy buy expensive dolls to film.

  68. I am completely shocked by the attention seeking drama of this woman she posts a video Christmas day begging for prayers for her seriously ill child (who btw had a earache) the child had completely recovered the following day and she needed prayers as seriously ill (with a sore throat) the followers left messages supporting her extreme behavior how could anyone think her behavior is normal. plus yet another new dolly and a weird present giving to a doll.
    She also lined up loads of tiny dolls and filmed her collection, tot up the prices and see how in a short space of time she had obsessively purchased more and more dollies, toys and clothing. I am in complete agreement guys that benefits are for families in need not for mommy buying herself dollies to dull the loneliness and depression.
    The more people support and comment on her new dolls the more she will continue to buy them. I also hate seeing other youtubers obsessing over new pushchairs and expensive baby equipment for their dolls. Real children in the world go without and need essentials so repulsive spending money on dolls.

    • Oh my goodness truly shocking dramatic behavior. The first thing this woman did when she supposedly fell and banged her head was to grab a camera and film herself to tell her “reborn mummy friends” that she needed to go in a ambulance to hospital and to pray that Martha would not be left without a mummy.
      Then she filmed herself strapped on a board with a head brace but not to worry guys she is fine and tests are ok really concerning attention seeking behavior.
      I hope that this woman removes her appalling attention seeking drama from youtube and stops worrying other people regarding her health, personal divorce dramas and financial situation. There is sharing and oversharing and her behavior is cause for concern.
      The extreme obsessive buying of expensive dolls is one aspect of her abnormal behavior but the medical dramas and tears are very concerning. I am shocked that she has subscribers and supporters who worry when she uploads yet another dramatic video. Totally unfair worrying strangers with health drama, very lonely obsessive woman with no real friends or support in life.

  69. This blog is for addictive, obsessional, compulsive and/or extreme behaviours pobsbabies3uk certainly ticks all the boxes.
    What was most concerning was falling and calling for an ambulance but managing to pack some reborn dolls in her hospital bag so she could film them in the hospital toilet.
    Very cruel to worry people over Christmas telling them she was severely ill. One poor woman was crying distraught over Christmas leaving a video praying that she would be alright. Very immature attention seeking dramatic behaviour. In life people have problems to deal with but with courage and dignity they face their problems.

    • Well said Sandra R i couldn’t agree more.
      I too found this article by searching for reborn dolls as have been debating buying one after collecting dolls for display for many years but i came across this article and comments and checked out the videos other commentators have mentioned
      I am appalled and amazed that strangers are commenting and becoming involved in this woman’s health dramas. Apparently she now has suspected epilepsy or potential multiple sclerosis very very unfair to share this information without any proof of diagnosis. Think the woman has no right to concern others with her problems, embroiling others in her life woes is disgusting as everyone has there own problems to cope with. The more the subscribers comment the more evolved and attention seeking the videos become. It was reborn doll videos NOT health attention seeking vlogs.
      Also unbelievable that the woman brags she has Lalaoopsy dolls and buys accessories and toys for her dolls. She must have way to much money to waste as the buying and spending on inane luxuries is shocking.

  70. All hobbies are innocent until they become an obsession and all hobbies can become an obsession for some.

    Some people will have a flutter a couple of times a year on the horses, others will be at the race track and in betting shops every day spending money they don’t have.

    Some of us will treat ourselves to a new handbag or a pair of shoes once or twice a year, others will have a wardrobe full of handbags and shoes they have never worn.

    It’s the same with these dolls. Some own just one others become obsessed and have a room full with all the trimmings to go with them.

    We only ever hear the bad things and when one hears a few bad stories then it seems to be human nature to believe that there are no good stories. Hearing half a dozen stories seem to escalate into having heard hundreds of them.

    I own one of the Dolls. And yes it is “Doll”- I am not a “Mummy” to it. It’s not a baby. I didn’t have a reborn pregnancy and I certainly didn’t adopt it. I bought a doll, it’s plain and simple. I personally bought one because I love dressmaking and knitting baby clothes and like to see the clothes I have made in situ. When my Great Grandchildren come along I expect the doll will remain under my bed in her box permanently which is where she is kept between my dressmaking and knitting times.

    Many other women are like me regarding owning one of these dolls, although they probably have different reasons for having one but their reasons are probably equally as sane.

    I think the worry is when women insist upon calling them their babies and talking of themselves as a Mummy. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely to cuddle and in actual fact have been known to bring blood presure down just as cuddling a real baby does or stroking a dog or cat. But one has to realise that it’s only the obsessive women that group together on forums and blogs which is why it seems as if all women that own the dolls are obsessed and fanatical. Those of us that simply enjoy , one reason or another, owning one of these dolls, stay quietly in the background and therefore aren’t noticed.

  71. All the comments I’ve read consider “reborn doll” one hobby. But actually there are two: making them and buying them. To build a boat and then sail it is quite another hobby than buying an expensive boat, sailing it one summer, and buying another one next year.
    The reborn doll hobby started with the art and craft of making them. It’s done for years and I never heard of social or mental problems that arise with that hobby. But then there came the other hobby: buying them. The described social and mental problems apply to people with that hobby.

  72. I agree with most of what ‘observing the hobby’ said, I am in the UK and WAS a member of u tube, they are all self obsessed and unless you fit their stereotype of a ‘reborn mummy’ which I most certainly do not you are not allowed in and no matter how many video’s you comment on you won’t get a reply, oh wait if you do a give away you will get hoards of greedy ones leaping in, I collect these dolls as I appreciate the art that goes into creating them and in no way do I think they are real of shove bottles in their gobs!!!

  73. I don’t understand all this commotion. Let’s be honest woman have been collecting dolls for years. From ceramics to plastic from my early years to now vinyl or silicone. It was never a concern in the past because no one spoke of it or placed it on the you tube. Even when I purchase my home and met my neighbor at 76 she had a room with her doll collection and none were vinyl or silicone. Why is it an issue now? I think because it’s become more open there is more controversy now. In my opinion it is normal for women to be attracted to dolls and have been for years. Weather it is to rekindle those years of having your first baby or to help the loss of one or never being able to have one. Its woman maternal instinct to be drawn to children or children like things. Not at all abnormal if some women become obsessed I agree that there may have been some physiological mentally and feels a rush of happiness and they may need to seek help to overcome the true nature as to why they have become this way. It’s like my mom use to say too much of anything is not good for you. However I believe we should be considerate instead of bashing what we may not understand. Also because it is considered art there is no way of regulating pricing on the dolls of this quality. I personally never played with dolls in my youth. However I purchase a inexpensive one to see what the fuss was about and it does give you a bit of pleasure to hold something that somewhat feels almost real. My one doll is in her box and I take it out once in awhile to look at and hold. Not obsess at all. We are grown adults and we make our own choices we cannot blame the world for it. Just my opinion.

  74. I am new to the reborn world..I work in the mental health industry and have done for some time.I personally know the benefits of therapy/cuddle babies. I have witnessed the calming effect my personal therapy baby has on my colleagues and people I support living with mental illnesses as well as myself. I cannot believe the judgement here. I am a very sane woman…who is learning to get in touch with my inner child due to childhood trauma…I could easily get medication and join society at the “respected level”…or I can explore how to relieve my sadness and trauma from my childhood through nurturing my inner child…I too was alarmed and worried when a therapy baby was advised to me…I am so glad that I am exploring this non medication avenue. I have found the reborn world to be filled with very happy, acceptable people. Yes there are the enthusiasts…but doesn’t every hobby have their share of enthusiasts…I don’t know most poeple’s stories and Im certainly not here to judge…but understanding and compassion go a long way in this universe. In my experience, when people are nasty and disrespectful about other peoples rights and choices…it says a whole lot more about them.
    And it is as easy as not putting yourself where it obviously upsets you. Don’t go on youtube looking for reborn videos…dont troll through reborn facebook sites…etc etc… I actually see a lot of unhealthy obsessing going on here and its not from the “happy, crazy, obsessive” people from the reborn world. Their too busy enjoying their babies… Thanks for a great insight into the ugly people in this world…Im going to hold my baby and chat on facebook to some really nice people…Thanks….
    Its been interesting….

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