Nose no bounds: A beginner’s guide to nasophilia

Many people are sexually attracted to particular parts of the human body but these usually relate to those body parts that are traditionally sexualized (e.g., genitalia, buttocks, breasts, etc.). When individuals have a sexual interest and/or sexually aroused by very specific and exclusive body parts it is known as partialism. It may additionally be described as a fetish if sexual arousal is only possible when the particular body part is present (e.g., viewed, touched) during sexual behaviour.

One of the more unusual forms of partialism is nose fetishism (or known as nasophilia if it is in the form of a sexual paraphilia). Nasophiles can be sexually aroused by the sight, touch, and/or the erotic sucking of human noses. Less common (although I have not seen any empirical evidence to back this up) are those who are sexually aroused by having their nose stroked, felt and sucked. Some nasophiles claim they are sexually excited by placing their nose into the closed eyes of their sexual partner (and may therefore have overlaps with oculophilia). In very extreme cases, it has even been claimed that some nasophiles are sexually aroused by the picking of noses.

Sigmund Freud famously interpreted the nose as a penis substitute. Although I personally have little time for Freud’s theories, the nose – like genitalia – has vascular (erectile) tissue, which has the capacity to become engorged during sexual arousal. There are certainly explicit links between sex and the nose in the scientific literature that I wrote about at length in a previous blog when I examined sex and sneezing (and the relationship between sneezing and orgasm) and sneeze fetishism. Maybe I have an unhealthy professional interest in noses as I also wrote a blog on nose picking and snot eating.

Nasophiles typically experience sexual attraction to very specific physical nose variations based on shape, size, nostril shape, etc. It is claimed that most nasophiles are extremely against rhinoplasty (plastic surgery on the nose) because it removes many of the features that they find sexually desirable Although there is little empirical research, it is believed behaviour can manifest itself in a desire for actual physical and sexualized contact and interaction with the nose of the person, and/or specific fantasies such as wanting to sexually penetrate the nostrils. In an article published on the Nose Network website it was noted that:

“Although most Nasophiliacs are men, there are some women out there who do enjoy the sight of big nostrils, well shaped wings, cute button noses or anything else that tickles their fancy. Most people will not admit to this fetish, however, due to it not being very acceptable to society. This is really due to a lack of understanding about the whole thing. No one knows exactly where this fetish came from or why it even exists. Some people will admit that they have fantasies about penetrating the nostrils (mostly men), while others have admitted to wanting to suck and lick the nose. As it turns out, the nose is a very erogenous zone, if for no other reason having the knowledge that the partner is very turned on by this act”. 

Nasophiles may also be sexually aroused by fantasies involving transformation the nose (i.e., a transformation fetish). These can also be varied such as the nose changing into the nose of another species as a form of sexual humiliation (e.g., the snout of a pig), or the nose growing in size very quickly. Such sexual fantasies can be facilitated via role-playing, the use of props, transformational fiction (e.g., Pinocchio-type stories), and/or animated or photo-shop transformation (e.g., modifying and morphing photographs). For instance, check out the ‘Big Nose Appreciation’ website that is “devoted to women who do not conform to the stereotypical ideal offeminine beauty and whose beauty is enhanced by their larger or uniquely shaped noses”. Alternatively, type ‘nasophilia’ into YouTube and see for yourself the kinds of things that nasophiles love (nostril faring seems to be a much liked activity).

In a previous blog on fetishism, I mentioned a study led by Dr G. Scorolli (University of Bologna, Italy) on the relative prevalence of different fetishes using online fetish forum data. Their results showed that body part fetishes were most common (33%), followed by objects associated with the body (30%). Feet (and objects associated with feet) were by far the most common fetishes. They also reported that some of the sites featured references to nose fetishes but that this particular fetish accounted for less than 1% of all fetishes

As with many other fetishes and paraphilias, treatment for nasophilia is generally not sought by the individual unless it becomes problematic for the individual in some way and/or they feel compelled to address their condition. It is thought that the vast majority of nasophiles happily accept their fetish.

Dr Mark Griffiths, Professor of Gambling Studies, International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

Further reading

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About drmarkgriffiths

Professor MARK GRIFFITHS, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, PGDipHE, FBPsS, FRSA, AcSS. Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at the Nottingham Trent University, and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit. He is internationally known for his work into gambling and gaming addictions and has won many awards including the American 1994 John Rosecrance Research Prize for “outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of gambling research”, the 1998 European CELEJ Prize for best paper on gambling, the 2003 Canadian International Excellence Award for “outstanding contributions to the prevention of problem gambling and the practice of responsible gambling” and a North American 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award For Contributions To The Field Of Youth Gambling “in recognition of his dedication, leadership, and pioneering contributions to the field of youth gambling”. In 2013, he was given the Lifetime Research Award from the US National Council on Problem Gambling. He has published over 800 research papers, five books, over 150 book chapters, and over 1500 other articles. He has served on numerous national and international committees (e.g. BPS Council, BPS Social Psychology Section, Society for the Study of Gambling, Gamblers Anonymous General Services Board, National Council on Gambling etc.) and is a former National Chair of Gamcare. He also does a lot of freelance journalism and has appeared on over 3500 radio and television programmes since 1988. In 2004 he was awarded the Joseph Lister Prize for Social Sciences by the British Association for the Advancement of Science for being one of the UK’s “outstanding scientific communicators”. His awards also include the 2006 Excellence in the Teaching of Psychology Award by the British Psychological Society and the British Psychological Society Fellowship Award for “exceptional contributions to psychology”.

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  1. there is no mention of the use of the nose in actual sexual intercourse. And yes there are such people who fantasize on having some person use their nose as that of what a penis does.

  2. A fascinating article. I’ve personally had a love for specific forms of the female nose for most of my life. For me, engaging with a nose sexually, or imagining transformations is ridiculous. Having said that, I do find specific noses so sexy thatI prefer them over many typical body parts. My personal theory as pertains to my own experience and insight is that it is an expression of the woman’s genes and personality. I understand that that is ridiculous, but it has it’s own inner logic that works for me, and we can hardly choose our desires.

  3. I LOVE and ADORE noses…There is nothing more juicy,sweet and beautiful than noses!It’s not sexual for me (i don’t get horny while playing with noses) but i love playing with noses:squeezing them,sucking on them,kissing them,biting them and even breathing with air from noses!I’m a real psycho lol and my younger sister and my dad are the same.Fortunately i’ve got a husband with a beautiful nose and he allows me to do whatever i want to his nose!
    Guys,if heaven exists,it’s a big field full of all kinds of sweet and juicy noses!

  4. Total nose fetishist here since i was 9yo. I am male and love well shaped noses on either sex, though i do prefer handsomely shaped male noses with perfect proportions.

  5. 17 year old nose fetishist here. big noses to be specific. the bigger the better! ❤

  6. Folks, I am in your league and I am glad to know that I am not alone. I love thin and long noses… like the British noses, though I have a fat nose of my own. I think my wife likes a fatter nose and she does not like her longer nose. Must be a match made in heaven. My favorite part during sex is to push into vagina while feeling the breadth, kissing the nose and mouth. Infact, I get aroused just by looking at the long nose itself… and I am very picky about it. My theory is – My nose is very sensitive. I can pick smells much quicker than anyone else. I do pick smells which other people may not even notice. Though I haven’t said this to anyone, I think there is nothing much I could do about this as the underlying genes and the chemical mixture I am born with leads to this behavior. If I do a shorter woman, I don’t get aroused as I do not see her nose.. so, the height’s got to be perfect for me.. my mouth near her long nose and my penis in the vag. That’s what I call heaven.. though I reach climax quickly, get the hardest point and cant hold it any longer. That’s my problem…

  7. Nice post…very informative!!!
    Even i have this special kind of attraction towards beautiful nose. I love to see them flare.
    I dont feel uncomfortable or get aroused, but i love well shape sharp tip noses; with perfect flat bridge leveled with wings on either side.
    I didnt know till today there were these many people out there like me. All I was thinking why do I have such a strange fetish.
    This feeling is slightly disturbing, because I lost my girlfriend. I was not sexually attracted by her as she does not have this typical nose.
    But after losing her, I regret this behaviour.

  8. MichaelJackson

    I actually very much do like rhinoplasty, it is what my nose fetish centred around: extremely small noses, especially those created by overuse of plastic surgery. This started because of Michael Jackson, and I often have dreams about touching or kissing his nose. Is there anyone else who actually likes and does fetishise plastic surgery, or am I the only one?

  9. gay here. guys with big long noses make me hard.

  10. Trish strulson

    I have a big old nose, fake boobs, saggy neck skin pulled, laser blast my face but I kept my big nose!

  11. Mitch the nose lover

    I LOVE well shaped male nose/nostrils (I’m male) and spend time jerking off over noses i find hottt and wellshaped. wanting to orally and with my fingers want to feel up the size, shapes, lines, angles, and curves of well shaped male nasal units.

  12. This article made my day. I’ve always loved noses, since I was a baby. (I would try to nibble on the noses of people that picked me up.) I’m 33 now & **nose kisses** is LIFE! My family, close friends, & all of my partners are fully aware that I need **nose kisses** constantly. (I kiss my dog’s nose…don’t judge me.) Funny, the asterisks started maybe 15 years ago, so that people would know that I was giving them kisses on the nose (over text, email). Similar to some people writing ::hugs:: (which I do as well). I had no idea that nasophilia was a legitimate fetish; always thought I was the only one. In my relationship, **nose kisses** come before actual kissing, & I love to kiss, nibble on, & lick my partner’s nose. It’s a requisite to being in a relationship with me. My father joked with my last boyfriend, “How much nose are you giving my daughter, man? It’s after breakfast and I haven’t seen one nose kiss yet.” While I do not like rhinoplasty or nose piercings, I also prefer people that take care of their skin & keep their nose exfoliated and clear. I rub my own nose on the noses of my friends’ kids & the little ones know all about **nose kisses** for their Aunt. While I sometimes will pick my boyfriend’s nose, It’s rare…usually if I see something in it. I also expect them to include “nose hygiene”, making sure they keep it clean, exfoliated, free from dry skin, & trim any nasal hair. White males are the most accomodating (I’m African-American) to my nose fetish & while I love all types of noses, the pointy noses & almond shaped nostrils or the button noses with round nostrils are my favorites. I do enjoy a few other sexual things with the nose, but I won’t make myself look too weird. Thank you for this article. Now I have a substantive explanation for this “weird nose thing” that is so integral to who I am as an individual.

  13. Nose lover here. I prefer girls with aquiline nose, but any nose will do depending on shape of nostrils. I love sucking on a good looking nose that exites me. I also get exited seen how the nostrils opens gently as the woman breathes harder and faster as she gets exited during intercourse

  14. I have never found the word to describe my deeply rooted love for noses. As a kid I would always just seem to compliment them, the bigger or more unique the better. I believe I’m into nasophilia to some degree but I don’t want to penetrate noses. I’m not into Pinocchio nose growth or nose humility like putting hooks in to pull it back to resemble a pig. Not my thing. I’m just attracted to the shape and size. And I actually get upset looking at before and after photos of people reducing their noses features for the same narrow ridged button tip. LIKE SERIOUSLY, IT WAS SO AMAZING BEFORE!? I just find that it being the center of a person’s face makes it the center focus for me. The statues that people sculpted away from marble, like the statue of David are where I first really loved it. The roman nose and it’s just over all flat and smooth but extended, that strong soldier look. I was always deep into history as a kid and wondered why in Egypt so many important figures had lost that particular part of the art. I try not to focus too much on a person’s nose, but every now and then someone will walk by with just… A really good nose if you know what I’m saying. And I know I’m going to loose myself staring at their features. I understand how men can’t look away from breasts, it’s just something that draws your gaze in and refuses to let go. I’ve always thought I was weird, I talk too much about them, I ramble into awkwardness about how beautiful they can be. It can be at times an obsession of mine and I have no way to release the tension building. The feature excites me and I honestly feel confused as to why it has such a hold on my attraction. It’s kinda goofy. People say love at first sight or how eyes are the windows to the soul.. And here I am loosing myself over a pair of nostrils.

  15. noses are the best body part!

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