Havin’ it large: A beginner’s guide to macrophilia

Macrophilia appears to be an increasingly popular sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from a fascination with giants and/or a sexual fantasy involving giants. Such fantasies may include the macrophiles themselves shrinking in front of a normal sized person (male or female). Alternatively, macrophiles may fantasize about their sexual partner growing to an abnormal height while the macrophiles themselves remain unchanged.

The literal translation of macrophilia means a “lover of large” but in this context it does not refer to those in the fat admiration community (i.e., people who are sexually attracted to very fat women) but specifically refers to individuals who are sexually attracted to people much taller than themselves (i.e., it is the height rather than width that is crucial). As the scale between small and tall is not generally found in real human life, almost all macrophilic behaviour is sexual fantasy.

The overwhelming majority of macrophiles are thought to be heterosexual males that are sexually attracted to female giantesses. However, even non-sexual scenarios involving giants can result in sexual stimulation. Each fantasy situation is different for every macrophile as the behaviour is fantasy-based. Even the preferred heights of the fantasy giants differ between individuals. For instance, some macrophiles have a preference for people only a few feet taller than themselves whereas others involve giants who are hundreds of feet high.

The reason that this particular paraphilia has increased massively over the last decade is because the internet has played a crucial role in helping create and facilitate the paraphilia. Because the paraphilia is almost totally fantasy-based, much of the material from which macrophiles gain their sexual gratification is placed and distributed online. There is a wide range of macrophile artwork, photographs, and video on the internet. Applications such as Photoshop are widely used to create collages of fake giants. Photographs are also taken from low angles to make everything in the viewfinder (including people) seem much bigger. The internet is also full of home made camcorder films of people trampling and destroying model cities.

A recent online article by Tyrone Slothrop on “The Bible and Macrophilia” (on the Remnant of Giants website) examines the artwork of ‘He Thong’ a well known artist in the macrophile community.

“The phenomenon of macrophilia certainly demonstrates how wrong Edmund Burke was, in Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful (pp. 157-58), when he opined, ‘It is impossible to suppose a giant the object of love. When we let our imaginations loose in romance, the ideas we naturally annex to that size are those of tyranny, cruelty, injustice, and every thing horrid and abominable.’ He Thong’s macrophiliac art is combined with depictions of Goliath gathering slaves from his enemies, slave submission, and bondage – a common related paraphilia among a significant sector of macrophiles”

Although most macrophilic behaviour is fantasy-based, there are some macrophiles who attempt to experience the fetish in real life by dating extraordinarily tall women (so called ‘Amazons’) even if they have to pay for the privilege to do so. For instance, it was reported that Mikayla Miles (who when wearing her fetish boots nearly 7 feet in her fetish boots, and 6 feet 4 inches without the boots), provides private sessions with macrophiles to engage in behaviours such as trampling, domination, role play, and foot worship. Macrophiles can also meet their tall heroines at such gatherings as the annual Amazon Convention.

Macrophilia has also been associated with other sexual fetishes and paraphilias. The most noteworthy in this regard are:

  • Breast fetishism: This is a sexual fetish in which an individual derives sexual arousal from being pressed against, or placed in between, the breasts of a giant woman.
  • Dominance/submission: This is a sexual fetish in which an individual derives sexual pleasure being at the mercy of a giant, or from being in control of a tiny person.
  • Sadism/masochism: This is a sexual paraphilia in which an individual derives sexual pleasure from being physically harmed or even killed (in this case by a giant).
  • Vorarephilia: This is a sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from the idea of being eaten, eating another person, or observing this process. Although there are cases of real life vorarephilia (that I wrote about in a previous blog), the behaviour is typically fantasy-based (e.g., fictional stories, fantasy art, fantasy videos, and bespoke video games).
  • Zoophilia: This is a sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual pleasure from sex with animals (in this case, the desire is to have sex with a giant animal that is given human characteristics (i.e., anthropomorphism). This also has some crossover with furries (those individuals who – amongst other behaviours – like to dress as animals when having sex)
  • Crush fetishism: This is a sexual fetish in which an individual derives sexual arousal from being stepped or sat on by a giant person, and is also a variant of sexual masochism.

Crush fetishism has also been associated with formicophilia, a sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from insects. For instance, in the journal Cultural Entomology, G.A. Pearson (North Carolina State University, USA), described the fetishistic behaviour where people get sexual pleasure from watching insects, worms and spiders being squashed (particularly men watching women doing it). This also has macrophilic overtones. As Jeremy Biles notes in a 2004 essay on crush fetishists in Janus Head:

“Among the many obscure and bizarre sects of fetishism, few remain so perplexing or so underexamined as that of the ‘crush freaks’. At the cutting edge of the edgy world of sexual fetishistic practices, the crush freaks are notorious for their enthusiasm for witnessing the crushing death of insects and other, usually invertebrate, animals, such as arachnids, crustaceans, and worms. More specifically, crush freaks are sexually aroused by the sight of an insect exploded beneath the pressure of a human foot–usually, but not necessarily, a relatively large and beautiful female foot”

It’s also been reported that maximum sexual excitement comes the more frightened the woman, and the larger the feet doing the squashing (which again has macrophilic overtones). In her 2000 book Deviant Desires, Katharine Gates contextualizes crush fetishes as a subset of both macrophilia and macrophilic podophilia (i.e., foot fetishism). This has led to the controversial posting of many so called ‘crush videos’ online.

I haven’t come a cross a single academic paper that has been published on macrophilia although there have been some psychological speculation about the roots of macrophilia. The American St. Louis-based clinical psychologist Dr. Helen Friedman was reported as saying:

“[Macrophiles] are playing out some old, unresolved psychological issue. Maybe as a child
they felt overwhelmed by a dominant mother, or a sadistic mother. Maybe 
they were abused. [Macrophilia] is not so much a fetish as a
disassociation from reality. It’s part of an internal world. The macro’s
submersion in fantasy [and] serves as a substitute for a more normalized approach
to sex. Healthy sexuality is about personal intimacy. It’s about
feeling good about yourself in a way that expresses caring, and feeling a
connection to another person”.

However, most online accounts by macrophiles that I have read online, don’t seem to match the psychological profile put forward by Dr. Friedman. One such man interviewed by Jon Bowen for the online Salon magazine (way back in 1999) said that as a child:

“I was turned on
by ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ before I knew what the
birds and the bees were all about. In the book there’s a scene in the land
of Brobdingnag where Gulliver gets intimate with one of the local
giantesses – the enticingly named Glumdaclitch. I’ve 
fantasized about giantesses ever since. Like any fetish, if you
don’t have it, you probably won’t get it”.

Finally, there is one article I tracked down online by Dr Samuel Ramses. He appears to talk knowledgably about macrophilia although all of his assertions are made without reference to any academic source. For instance, he says that:

“Macrophilia is a fairly widespread trait, and is found in individuals of many different ethnic and social backgrounds. No common element has yet been found that can point to an environmental cause”

He makes a number of claims that appear intuitively plausible but without any supporting evidence. He claims macrophilia begins in very early childhood and that a sexual or pseudo-sexual response to giants is exhibited before physical puberty. Macrophiles are extremely shy and isolated, and believe that few share their desires. The specific stimuli that elicit macrophilic sexual responses tend to fall into two broad categories, which are not mutually exclusive. They are summarized here as direct sexual situations and indirect sexual situations.

Direct sexual stimuli involve situations in which sexual contact occurs between people where one person is at least twice as big as the other. Typical scenarios are said to include:

  • Full-body contact of the macrophile with the penis of a male giant, or full-body insertion of the macrophile into the female giant’s vagina.
  • Oral contact in which the giant licks or swallows the macrophile
  • Themacrophile being bathed in or being showered wih the sexual fluids of a giant
  • Masturbation and frotteurism by the macrophile rubbing their body against some portion of the giant’s body

Ramses claims that in macrophilia the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality is sometimes blurred as even macrophilic heterosexuals may find themselves attracted to the images of giants or tiny persons of the same sex, and vice-versa.

Ramses also outlined the case of 30-year old white male, who since very early childhood had experienced sexual arousal (i.e., erections) whenever he watched films in which giant monsters destroyed towns and cities. The strongest sexual responses occurred when humans were being trampled to death. In adulthood, his macrophilic sexual fantasies included sadism, crush fetishes, and vorarephilia.

Dr. Ramses concluded that macrophilia is far from rare, as evidenced by the growing number of admitted macrophiles that have come forth in recent years. The number of macrophile websites certainly appears to support Ramses’ claim but – at present – there is next to nothing known empirically.

Dr Mark Griffiths, Professor of Gambling Studies, International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

Further reading

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About drmarkgriffiths

Professor MARK GRIFFITHS, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, PGDipHE, FBPsS, FRSA, AcSS. Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at the Nottingham Trent University, and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit. He is internationally known for his work into gambling and gaming addictions and has won many awards including the American 1994 John Rosecrance Research Prize for “outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of gambling research”, the 1998 European CELEJ Prize for best paper on gambling, the 2003 Canadian International Excellence Award for “outstanding contributions to the prevention of problem gambling and the practice of responsible gambling” and a North American 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award For Contributions To The Field Of Youth Gambling “in recognition of his dedication, leadership, and pioneering contributions to the field of youth gambling”. In 2013, he was given the Lifetime Research Award from the US National Council on Problem Gambling. He has published over 800 research papers, five books, over 150 book chapters, and over 1500 other articles. He has served on numerous national and international committees (e.g. BPS Council, BPS Social Psychology Section, Society for the Study of Gambling, Gamblers Anonymous General Services Board, National Council on Gambling etc.) and is a former National Chair of Gamcare. He also does a lot of freelance journalism and has appeared on over 3500 radio and television programmes since 1988. In 2004 he was awarded the Joseph Lister Prize for Social Sciences by the British Association for the Advancement of Science for being one of the UK’s “outstanding scientific communicators”. His awards also include the 2006 Excellence in the Teaching of Psychology Award by the British Psychological Society and the British Psychological Society Fellowship Award for “exceptional contributions to psychology”.

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  1. Very decent post, if this macrophile’s opinion means anything!

    If you’re possibly interested in environments for this fetish, there is GTScity, The Minimizer, Macrophile.com (which, misleadingly enough, is only for furries), and a few others. An artist by the name of Jitensha has a website with lots of information (and is also a female fetishist). You might read “Macrophilia 101” over at fictionpress.com, and sometime in the future I plan on reposting my follow up to that (the aptly named “Macrophilia 102”) to my blog: http://fistfelt.wordpress.com.

  2. I’d say this is one the best articles on this subject I’ve seen so far.
    I myself am a macrophile, specifically the giantess fantasy, I love the idea of being completely helpless. So there’s no possible way I could have an objective view of this topic.

    But it has fascinated me as to why so many people share such a strange and specific fantasy. For me I’ve had these thoughts for a long time, since I was at least 5. When I was a child the idea of being shrunk seemed fun.

    This all got weird for me though when I stumbled onto giantess material online as a teenager. At first it was nice to know I was not the only one, but I was confused. I thought I was a horrible person. For years it tormented me. I was afraid I’d never be able to enjoy a ‘normal’ relationship. In fact, when girls would try to get close to me I was too shy and too afraid to get into a relationship.

    For a long time I felt normal sex was dirty and wrong, it took me a long time to not be afraid of my sexuality. I joined a group online to try and get rid of my kink, but their approach was idiotic. They basically reccomended repressing all sexual behavior and thoughts. A stupid and pointless excercise, which only made it worse.

    It wasn’t until I loosened up and stopped worrying so much that things began to change. I realized regular intimacy did turn me on, and that was alright. That being said my interest in the giantess fantasy didn’t just go away either… I’m not sure it ever will.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what caused me to be this way… I was not raised in a religious household… but my parents weren’t exactly sex positive people.

    So perhaps macrophillia was my replacement for normal intimacy. Vore was my main interst in this. Reading up on sexuality I think it shares many parallells with BSDM. Macrophillia is definetely about submission. Loosing control. In fact even in my normal sex life I prefer women who take charge.

    I wish thought that when I was discovering this about myself that there was more information out there. It really did my head in. As I’ve grown older I’ve realized that sexual fetishes are more common then I thought. In fact, from what I’ve read on the subject it amazes me how diverse it is. And like every other aspect of humanity there are beautiful aspects to it, and there are terrible aspects. This duality exists in every aspect of the human psyche.

    Instead of hating myself for this, I’m trying to take it as a learning experience, in order to understand more about myself. Still I wish there was a clear definition as to how people end up like this, but I really think it’d be a combination of factors, and not just one simple answer.

    I thought I’d share a bit of my experience with this. There is far too little information on this. It is understandable though, there are far more important things for people who study behavior and psychology to focus on.

    Of course any conclusions I’ve come to here are merely from my own subjective experience. I’m sure there are others like me who view things differently.

  3. This is pretty fascinating. As a (what I now know to be) microphile myself, i am always interested to hear other people’s take on this particular area of fetishism. I’ll follow up some of the links to studies you posted. thanks for an interesting article. Feel free to check out my own posts on the subject some time x

  4. I am very tall for a female being over 6 ft and just reading this article gives me hope that I will find someone ok with my height. All my life I have struggled with trying to find men that are fine with my height, Ive always had a thing for shorter men. Growing up in small towns in Indiana the shorter men look at me odd like im a freak. Reading this makes me feel that somewhere out there my true soulmate is waiting and just hasnt found me yet! Great article!

    • Jess, I wish I could meet you to express my admiration towards your height. It’s so rare to hear a tall woman liking shorter guys.. It would be the greatest honour of my life to meet you, then

  5. There is an alternate way to look at macrophilia that has nothing to do with dominance or control. It can be seen as simple greediness – more is better. One likes / loves woman flesh and a huge tall wide woman has lots of it. There is also a sense of freedom and exhilaration to crawling around on acres of woman. If one likes large breasts, and many men do, a fat woman well over six feet tall has them.

    If one were into such things, dominating a large woman is domination indeed. Even if not, there is still the implied domination of being admitted into intimacy with a large woman, of penetrating her. Being admitted to intimacy with a woman larger than I am makes me feel important and accepted.

  6. I love the idea of bodies growing to bigger proportions. I seem to prefer the watching the masculine body grow. I seem to equate it to enhanced stimilation. Might be a metaphor for a climax for me

  7. Sckhar Leviathan

    That’s a really nice article on this subject.

    I’ll say something about myself that matches what Dr Samuel Ramses said: It took me a long time to start feeling aroused with people,I don’t think I ever felt attracted or aroused thinking about people until I was 16 or more, but when I was about 7 I used to get really really aroused watching cartoons and movies with giant monsters or characters.
    In fact, I even remember the very first time I saw macrophiliac content as a child and had my first erection.
    I was 7 and I was watching “Tom and Jerry”, it was an episode which they stole a growth/shrink ray from a mad scientist in a castle and they kept trying to outgrow each other to the point which Jerry outgrow the entire castle and even picked a giant Tom on high even bigger hand.
    I still have this episode stored on my computer just as a memento from when things started.

    It started pretty tame, but as years passed I started to enjoy stuff with violent giants and giantesses, even as a child I loved movies with giant monsters crushing and eating people.

    I do know quite a few people with the same fetish thanks to the many sites and forums I joined over the years (the very first one I recall being macrophile.com, which is also the site I discovered, at about 12, the furry fandom) and it seems this is quite average for macrophiles, most of us really did discover this fetish very very early and usually before we even knew what sex was.

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